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More than two billion people worldwide are living with vision impairment or blindness. Of that, there are 1.5 million Canadians are currently living with sight loss and close to 5.5 million are suffering from eye disease.  

While many eye diseases are genetic, early intervention can often lead to significantly better outcomes and improved quality of life for those living with vision related illnesses. 

At the Donald K. Johnson Eye Institute at University Health Network, clinicians and researchers work side by side, pursuing new treatments and cures for vision-related illnesses. The staff have never been more optimistic about the future, when it comes to the potential for new breakthroughs in vision. Research into eye diseases has already shown much promise, resulting in new treatments.

Our goal is to continue to work relentlessly, discovering new insights to improve the lives of patients. Donor support through our 2020 Vision Campaign is helping to make this possible. 

Our new magazine, Vision: A look inside the Donald K. Johnson Eye Institute, provides an in-depth look at the groundbreaking research and treatments that are changing the future of vision care – and the people who are making it happen. 

The magazine is available online here.

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