UHN Foundation is committed to maintaining fully accountable and transparent cost-per-dollar-raised ratios. We are fully transparent about the portion of our fundraising revenues that go to cover expenses in all our reporting. By tightly controlling direct and general fundraising, as well as administrative expenses, we maximize the proportion of donor contributions that go to research, innovation and patient care.

Highlights from our 2022/23 report to our donors

Annual reports

You can see the impact of donor funding on the lives of patients, families and communities, and more on how funds are allocated in these annual reports.

Financial statements

UHN Foundation’s statements display our strong financial results in the areas of fundraising, cost-effectiveness and grants to support UHN. We adhere to these standards because we deeply value our relationship with donors and supporters. Without them we would not be able to achieve our fundraising vision for University Health Network.

Have questions?

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