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Your vision is our vision.

On a mission to restore vision.

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Donald K. Johnson Eye Institute

Lead photo by Tim Fraser

More than five million Canadians live with eye disease. That number will continue to skyrocket as our population ages. Yet, vision loss can still affect people at any stage and among all facets of life: home, work, family, social, safety, mental health and everything in between.

People living with vision loss are twice as likely to fall, four times at risk of hip fractures and three times more likely to suffer from depression. When eye disease robs you of the gift of sight, it also takes your independence.

The Donald K. Johnson Eye Institute envisions a future without vision loss. Located at Toronto Western Hospital, we are one of the top five vision programs in North America and home to the largest, busiest and most comprehensive clinical eye program on the continent, with more than 85,000 patient visits and more than 4,200 surgeries per year. The Institute is at the forefront of innovation in care and research: more than 50 clinicians and scientists are working hand in hand to bring new treatments to patients faster while driving new game-changing scientific discoveries.

We need donor support to gain new insights into debilitating diseases of the eye, and hunt for new treatments and cures that will slow vision loss, and preserve and restore sight.

Fundraising priorities

Visionary research

Scientists at the Donald K. Johnson Eye Institute are tirelessly seeking new treatments and cures for diseases of the eye. We are home to the largest ophthalmology clinical trials centre in Canada and one of the largest vision-focused research programs in the country. More than 60 clinical trials have been completed, and more than 30 trials are in progress.

The following are a few examples of cutting-edge research that donor support will help fuel.

  • Restoring eyesight through stem cell transplantation
  • Using 3D printing to treat glaucoma
  • Developing a drug to treat glaucoma
  • Redefining glaucoma as a neurodegenerative disease
  • Retraining the eyes with virtual reality
  • Developing a drug that saves photoreceptors from dying
  • Preventing diabetes-related blindness through better access to care
  • Understanding how neurons in the retina wire together
  • Studying neural disease in stem cells
  • Discovering how genetics and environment control eye size

Clinical care and education

The Donald K. Johnson Eye Institute’s ophthalmological team cares for individuals with the most complex conditions from across Ontario. Leading-edge vision care is offered through five clinics focused on the following specialty areas: cornea, retina, glaucoma, comprehensive ophthalmology, and ophthalmology technical services.

Through donor support, the Eye Institute is the premier ophthalmological teaching hospital in Canada. As part of our clinical program, we are able to train the next generation of highly skilled vision specialists from more than 40 different countries.

“I come from Peshwar province in Pakistan, where there is a population of 30 million, and yet no glaucoma specialists. By the time patients came to us in the clinic, they were already blind. Pursuing a glaucoma fellowship at the Donald K. Johnson Eye Institute has allowed me to take the next step in my career. Nothing can be more beneficial than this feeling that I will be part of the solution to irreversible blindness in my country and that’s thanks to the Donald K. Johnson Eye Institute.”       

               – Dr. Yousaf Jamal, Glaucoma Fellow (2016-17)

The Eye Institute:

  • Renowned for its global leadership and mentorship
  • Committed to training residents and fellows from Canada and abroad
  • Trains more ophthalmology residents than any other institution in Canada
  • Receives applications from around the globe up to three years in advance for a placement in the prestigious Corneal Fellowship

Stelth Ng’s story – living with glaucoma

“Everybody at the Donald K. Johnson Eye Institute made sure I received the best treatment and care during my most difficult times. They continue to give me hope. I owe all of them so much for my ability to see today.” 

               – Stelth Ng, musician, filmmaker and patient

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