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UHNITED brand campaign

When TeamUHN comes together believing anything can happen, it does. The spirit behind UHNITED (pronounced “united”) is the power of great minds from different disciplines – across multiple hospital sites – coming together to not only deliver the best care for our patients, but to tackle some of the toughest medical challenges of our day.

People who work at UHN are constantly changing the healthcare status quo on behalf of our patients, because never been done is what we do. When we are UHNITED, we can:

  • Change the blood types of donor organs to take more people off the transplant wait list
  • Implant a device in the brain and control it remotely to treat symptoms of Parkinson’s
  • Remotely monitor symptoms of heart failure to stop a heart attack before it even happens
  • Train next-gen surgeons on next-gen robots so more patients can benefit from the faster healing of minimally invasive surgery
  • Prevent unnecessary hospital visits by preventing falls from happening
  • And much more

Of course, no one ever changed the world on their own. Achievements like these are only possible with support from UHN Foundation’s donor community.

Bright yellow is the colour that now unifies our entire campaign. It represents the positive optimism that enables UHN to dream big and drive toward new innovations. It is also breakthrough in our sector, where healthcare is often associated with the colour blue. It was critical for us to stand out in the “sea of sameness” to ensure our story can be seen and heard.

All charities need to invest in marketing to promote their mission, increase awareness, grow their donor pipeline and ultimately increase donations. The UHNITED campaign shares real UHN stories that focus on UHN’s leadership role as Canada’s #1 hospital and the results we achieve when we come together.

Our research has shown that while people may have heard of UHN, they mostly know of its individual parts (e.g., Toronto General, Toronto Western or Toronto Rehab) – and they may not understand the full scope of UHN’s impact here and globally. We need to help people understand what UHN is, what makes up UHN, why it’s such a unique place, and why – in the sea of so many charities – UHN is where people should place their hard-earned charitable dollars.

The first phase of the UHNITED campaign will be in market from January to April 2024, with advertising beginning on January 22.  Advertising will be featured in digital, print and out-of-home elements (transit shelters, streetcars, billboards, large-format urban postings and construction hoarding). In addition, there is an in-hospital marketing campaign that is customized by site and specialty that showcases the many members of TeamUHN who are UHNITED. Our social media channels will also play a big role in our campaign.

Every dollar to UHN Foundation – regardless of amount – makes a difference in helping UHN change the status quo of healthcare. That being said, there are other ways to get involved:

We are always looking for incredible stories that show the impact of being UHNITED, and for people who are willing to share their story with as many people as possible. If you have a story to share, you can fill out this form on our website or email us directly.

Olivia Monardo, Public Relations Officer, UHN Foundation
[email protected]

Donations and tax receipts

Phone: Donations can be made by telephone by calling 416-603-5300 or toll-free at 1-877-846-4483 (UHN-GIVE). A Foundation staff member would be happy to accept your gift. Please be prepared with your credit card information before calling.

Mail: You can mail a cheque and/or completed donation form to the following address:

UHN Foundation
Toronto General Hospital
R. Fraser Elliott Building, 5th floor, 5S-801
190 Elizabeth Street
Toronto ON M5G 2C4

Yes, you can designate your gift to support a specific program or project. There is an allocation of 10% applied to any gift or new pledge made with a designation. You will receive a tax receipt for the full amount of your gift, subject to the rules and guidelines established by the Canada Revenue Agency. The allocation ensures that UHN Foundation has the capacity to support the growing needs and emergency priorities of UHN, while continuing to help donors direct funds to programs close to their hearts.

For more information, please reach out to Jamie Hall, our Chief Operating Officer, at [email protected].

If you have misplaced a receipt or noted an error, please contact us at 416-603-5300 or [email protected].

Regardless of whether your receipt was originally issued by Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation, Toronto Rehab Foundation, or UHN Foundation, we can help!

Please note that currently the Foundation provides receipts for gifts under $15 upon request only.

Government funding only covers the basics of health care, and fundraising is critical to ensuring UHN can deliver world-class care and get revolutionary research off the ground. Support from past patients who have experienced care here plays an integral role in enabling the Foundation to raise much-needed additional funds for our hospitals.

The practice of soliciting past patients is a common and regulated process governed by the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA). No personal health information is shared with the Foundation, only your name and address is provided to us by the hospital as regulated under PHIPA.

Under PHIPA, you have the right to request no future fundraising appeals be sent to you. To make such a request please contact the Foundation at 416-603-5300 or [email protected], providing your full name and address to ensure we can remove you from all future mailings.

For more information, you can view the Foundation’s privacy policy as well as UHN’s privacy policy.

If you are using an international credit card and are unable to complete your donation online, please call 416-603-5300 or toll free 1-877-846-4483 (UHN-GIVE) to make your gift over the phone.

The donation of physical items (gifts in kind) can be a wonderful way to support the hospitals. Please reach out to 416-603-5300 or [email protected], with a description of the item and photo if possible, and a Foundation representative will be in touch to review our policies and acceptance processes with you.

Memorial and tribute giving

We are so very grateful for your interest in supporting UHN Foundation in memory of your loved one. You can find all required details and contact information here.

We are so sorry for your loss. Please reach out to 416-603-5300 or [email protected] so that we can update our records and remove your loved one from our mailing list.

Monthly giving

A recurring gift is a convenient way to provide stable funding for innovation and research, and you can feel good knowing your support is driving the most impact at our hospitals – today and tomorrow. Your automated monthly gifts are secure and you’ll receive a consolidated tax receipt once a year.

You can sign up for monthly giving online, by mail or phone at 416-603-5300, and you can change your giving options at any time.

Monthly donors receive one receipt per calendar year. These are distributed in February and will account for the total of all gifts given, including any additional one-time donations on top of your monthly support.

Please reach out to the Foundation at 416-603-5300 and we would be happy to collect the required details to change how you make your monthly gift or update credit card and account information.

General inquiries

Please contact us at 416-603-5300 or [email protected] and a staff member will be able to update your information for you.

We would be happy to make changes to how the Foundation contacts you, and have a number of options available to support your preferences. Please reach out to 416-603-5300 or [email protected] and a staff member will be in touch with you to discuss your options and have your preferences updated.

UHN Foundation is committed to upholding Canadian and international principles in privacy legislation. We do not lend, exchange, rent or sell our donor lists to third parties.

You can read more detail about our policies here.

UHN Foundation works with a telemarketing agency Artsmarketing Services (AMS) to conduct thank you and fundraising calling. However if you are concerned about the call’s legitimacy, you can reach out at 416-603-5300 or [email protected] and we can confirm any ongoing campaigns.

Community fundraising

Whether you host your own event or set up a donation page for a special occasion, you can feel good knowing that you’re helping build a healthier world. To learn more about you can fundraise within your community, please click here.

Using our handy online tool, you can create your own personal fundraising page, where friends and family can easily support your efforts and are eligible for a tax receipt for their gifts.

We have an online fundraising Frequently Asked Questions page that should address most of your inquiries. Alternatively, please reach out to 416-603-5300 or [email protected], and a staff member will assist you.

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