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By making a gift through Honour Your Hero, patients and their families have an opportunity to express gratitude and share a message of thanks with staff across Toronto General and Toronto Western hospitals and Toronto Rehab for their care, compassion and support while also making a difference – now and in the future. 

Whether it’s the doctor who cared for you during a difficult time, the porter who helped you with a kind smile, the nurse who held your loved one’s hand or an entire care team, they will receive a certificate with your personal message of gratitude and a commemorative pin at certain milestones. 

How it works 

A patient or their friends and loved ones can honour an individual or care team by making a donation through Honour Your Hero. 

The Foundation will then send a certificate to each hero including your special message of thanks and your contact information, with consent. 

Honourees also receive a pin at certain recognition milestones, outlined below. 

UHN Foundation is pleased to be able to recognize care providers in this way to ensure our champions, supporters, heroes and life-savers know the immense impact they have on those they are privileged to serve.  

“When [patients] honour us through the Honour Your Hero program, they touch our hearts and really make us feel valued. When patients give back, they encourage us to keep going, but I also feel a sense of responsibility to make sure their donations make an impact.“

Meeran Manji, Registered Nurse and patient co-ordinator, Pulmonary Rehabilitation Clinic, Toronto Western Hospital

For more information, contact UHN Foundation

416-603-5300 | 1-877-846-4483
[email protected]

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