Building a healthier world through teaching and learning.

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Building a healthier world through teaching and learning.

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Did you know that caring for our patients and their families starts with education at UHN? Every day, UHN’s nurses, doctors, surgeons, medical residents, technologists, fellows and allied health professionals are dedicated to providing a gold standard of treatment and care. To do so requires a lifelong commitment to learning.

Ongoing education is one of UHN’s core philosophies. To ensure that health care’s current and future leaders receive the best education possible, they must be taught by the best and brightest in their field. UHN’s reputation as a world leader in medical and surgical innovation, combined with our unique models for healthcare education, attracts the most promising students and teachers from across the country and around the world.

The healthcare system is evolving rapidly, and with this comes new technology, new research and practices, new approaches to care – and newer and more sophisticated ways of training. This helps to ensure that our healthcare workers provide world-class care and are prepared for any patient scenario.

We need donor support to continue to push the boundaries of innovation in healthcare education – from designing and building new state-of-the-art simulation environments to reimagining the use of robotics in the operating room. You can help us train tomorrow’s healthcare leaders today and safely move world-class training into practice at UHN and beyond.

Fundraising priorities

Investing in strategic partnerships, accessible teaching methods and new programs to meet the needs of the 21st century will ensure we become the school of choice for learners and a global leader in healthcare education.

An institute that enables experts in health care to come together and combine theoretical and applied research, clinical experience and education in order to provide better-quality care.

Offering world-class programs to UHN’s healthcare professionals at any stage of their career creates opportunities for lifelong learning and professional growth.

Building a culture that is diverse, inclusive and accessible will enable exceptional digital learning and teaching experiences.

Contact information:

Thierry Sienche
Campaign Director, Major Gifts
[email protected]

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