Gift of securities

By donating a gift of securities to UHN Foundation, you are choosing a tax efficient and impactful way to contribute to the pursuit of knowledge that makes lives better.

3 advantages of donating securities:

  1. Your donation of publicly traded securities allows you to avoid paying any of the capital gains tax that would be required if you were to sell the securities and then donate the proceeds.
  2. Not only will you avoid paying tax on capital gains, you will also receive a donation receipt for the full market value of the securities based on the closing price the date they are transferred*.
  3. UHN Foundation will receive the full value of the securities, allowing your donation to make an even bigger impact on areas of need within our hospitals

Donate securities in 3 easy steps:

  1. Download and complete this securities transfer form.
  2. Send the completed transfer form to your broker or investment advisor who will initiate and be responsible for the transfer.
  3. Once the transfer is initiated, notify Hoi Yee Wong-Fung, Manager, Gifts Administration by emailing a copy of the form to [email protected] or faxing a copy to Ms. Wong-Fung’s attention at 416-340-4864.

Donating a gift of securities is also possible through estate giving, significantly reducing the taxes payable by your estate. Talk to your financial advisor or find out more here.

*Shares are considered legally transferred only when delivery is confirmed by our custodial agent. It is the Foundation’s policy that all shares are sold as soon as possible after they have been received.

Contact information:

Hoi Yee Wong-Fung
Manager, Gifts Administration
416-340-4800 Ext. 6397
[email protected]

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