Toronto entrepreneur crowd-funding to help UHN fight COVID-19

Sabrina’s family celebrating her grandfather’s birthday last year.

Sabrina Fiorellino and her family are uniquely affected by COVID-19.

Sabrina, a Toronto based lawyer-turned-entrepreneur, along with many of her family members, suffers from an auto-immune disease and is treated at Toronto Western and Toronto General hospitals.

Her brother, a new dad to a 6-month-old baby, is an anesthesiologist at Toronto General Hospital, working on the frontlines intubating COVID-19 patients.

Sabrina’s mother is a double-lung transplant recipient, whose life-saving procedure was performed at the Soham & Shaila Ajmera Family Transplant Centre at Toronto General Hospital.

Her grandfather was in hospital being treated with immuno-suppressants for his condition during the pandemic, but unfortunately has since passed away.

All of these conditions mean that Sabrina and her family must isolate separately. They have been unable to visit their grandfather, spend time with the new baby or hug their mother for the duration of the pandemic. These restrictions will likely continue for a long time to ensure the health and safety of each family member.

Coming from a family that has long been involved in philanthropy, Sabrina knew she must do something to help.

“As a result of every member of my family being touched by our healthcare system in a significant way, I’m particularly sensitive to what is happening around the world right now and feel and obligation to help – to pay it forward.”

She started a personal fundraising page to raise money for both research and frontline workers. She is asking everyone who is able and has the means to donate $25 to UHN’s COVID-19 Emergency Fund with the goal of ending this pandemic and keeping our frontline workers safe and healthy. 100 per cent of the donation will be directed to UHN’s COVID-19 relief efforts.

“We are facing this pandemic together, we can raise this money together and keep our hearts together during this unprecedented time in world history,” says Sabrina. “I have made the first $25 donation towards this goal – and I ask each and every one of you to do the same.”

Her own family is the inspiration behind the fundraiser, but she knows that many families across the country are in similar situations. We’re in this together. Sabrina wants the community to come together with a small donation that will add up to big results. The end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To make a contribution, visit Sabrina’s fundraising page.

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