Student-run walkathon raises thousands to support UHN

As September 2020 rolled around and the school year resumed with no end in sight for the pandemic, the students at Northmount School wanted to do something to help. 

The Student Council came up with the idea for a walkathon fundraiser – a creative idea that enabled all participants to abide by the restrictions in place due to COVID-19.  

Led by four Grade 8 students, Julian De Abreu, Matthew McKay, Jose Manuel Sanchez-Szauer and Matthew Schesnuik, the Student Council planned the route, organized volunteers, made posters, pledge sheets and announcements, collected and counted the donations, arranged for refreshments, and provided support and enthusiasm to all student participants throughout the event. 

“This was such a great opportunity for Northmount School to get involved in a time of need and help support our community,” says Matthew M., co-Deputy Head Boy of the Council. 

They chose UHN’s COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund as the recipient of their fundraising efforts after research and guidance from parents who work in health care. Donations to this fund will go to support COVID-19 research, education and the enhancement of patient care at UHN. 

“I wanted to help with the [COVID-19] Relief Fund because I thought it would be a great opportunity to get out there and help other people who are suffering in these tough times,” says Jose, co-Deputy Head Boy. 

Leading up to the walkathon, the students of Northmount School completed a fundraising drive, making donations from their own piggy banks as well as collecting online donations from family members and friends. All requests for donations were made virtually to avoid contact with separate households.  

Student-run walkathon raises thousands to support UHN (image: students from Northmount present cheque)

On November 12, 2020, all 136 students ranging from kindergarten to Grade 8 took part in the walkathon, raising more than $6,000 for UHN.  

Students walked a 5km circuit within the neighbourhood, staying in their own class cohorts to ensure safety. Junior kindergarten to Grade 2 students also took part, completing a modified half circuit. 

“I was the proudest that a tiny school running one fundraiser can raise that much money to help the community in this pandemic,” says Council Treasurer, Matthew S. 

The event was an impressive feat for these young students to accomplish by themselves. The Student Council even personally called parents to thank them for their donations after the event.  

Student Council Head Boy Julian is grateful to be making an impact on the lives of others. 

 “I wanted to help because I feel I am very fortunate that the impact on me is minimal but the impact on others is far greater and I want to help make a difference. I am most proud that our small school is playing a large role in getting us through this pandemic.” 

By fundraising within your community, you can support UHN in a way that’s most meaningful to you. From bake sales to car washes to proceeds from your business, you will feel good knowing that you’re helping build a healthier world. Find out more about community fundraising.

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