Philanthropy in action: small hands, big difference

Osher and Oneg – have raised $300 and counting through their chocolate campaign.

Siblings Osher and Oneg have made it their mission to spread kindness – something they believe the world needs more of. After each completing a “100 days of kindness” challenge in kindergarten, they continued their mission to spread kindness by creating a YouTube channel, cleverly named 2B So Kind, where they teach people about kindness, how it works, and how to spread it. They have been known to leave positive messages on cars, leave flowers on their neighbours’ doorsteps, and even surprise their community with coffee and treats. This month, they took on the goal of raising money for UHN Foundation.

Grandmother Carol with Osher and Oneg
Osher and Oneg’s grandmother Carol, while at UHN.

UHN holds special significance to Osher (12 years old), Oneg (10 years old) and their family. Their grandmother, Carol, was a patient across multiple UHN sites and received end of life care at Toronto General Hospital, and their fundraising is fuelled by their gratitude for the hospital care teams who helped take care of Carol during her time there. For this donation, Osher and Oneg fundraised by selling Purdy’s chocolate bars because they were one of Carol’s favourite treats.

“We want to recognize the hard and important work that hospitals and health care professionals provide,” they said. “UHN is incredibly special to our family because they helped our grandmother. We would like to thank them for all that they do each and every day.”

Osher and Oneg – who have raised $300 and counting through their chocolate campaign – are the perfect example of philanthropy in action, and remind us all that philanthropy comes in all shapes in sizes. No donation (or person) is too small to make a difference, and through fundraising of any kind, we have the power to advance medical research, fuel innovation in health care, and make an incredible difference in the lives of patients.

“These children are making such a difference because they’re reminding our caregivers of the importance of their roles,” said Julie Quenneville, CEO of UHN Foundation. “We’re not just treating patients, we care for the entire family. Their wonderful gesture of support today is a great opportunity for the physicians to understand just how grateful the loved ones are.”

UHN is the #1 hospital in Canada because of its teams, and because of a community UHNITED in showing a little kindness.

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