Patient honours surgeon for providing comfort and support

When Maureen O’Donnell learned she would need knee-replacement surgery, she wasn’t the most enthusiastic patient. She been experiencing a lot of pain for two years, but her fear kept her from scheduling the surgery.

Eventually her pain management specialist at University Health Network (UHN), Dr. Paul Tumber, convinced her to see orthopedic surgeon Dr. Rajiv Gandhi, who worked in UHN’s Division of Orthopedics at the Sprott Department of Surgery and Schroeder Arthritis Institute.

At Maureen’s consultation, Dr. Gandhi treated her fear with respect. They talked it through and he helped her see that the procedure would have a great impact on her quality of life. She realized that with Dr. Gandhi as her surgeon, she would be in good hands.

Finally, Maureen felt comfortable enough to schedule her knee-replacement surgery.

The procedure was a success, and today she is in rehabilitation. Maureen is healing and looking forward to resuming one of her favourite activities, ballet class.

So impressed with the support and care she received at UHN, Maureen knew she wanted to do something to give back. She decided to highlight Dr. Gandhi’s care by making a gift in his honour through UHN Foundation’s Honour Your Hero program.

The Honour Your Hero program allows patients and their families to express gratitude for the care, compassion and support they receive – while also making an impactful gift to support the highest-priority needs at UHN.

Maureen included a message of thanks with her donation that read “I was frightened and alone, you made me feel less frightened and less alone.”

She is currently a patient at UHN’s Asthma and Airway Centre and plans to continue honouring her care providers.

“I think it’s important to give back. We are blessed to live in a society where we have access to extraordinary health care and you don’t need to be able to pay for the access. And since I can make a contribution, it’s my responsibility to do so.”

Whether it’s the receptionist who helped you reschedule your appointment, or the surgeon who performed a live-saving procedure, all staff at UHN are real people who strive to make a difference in the lives of patients. Say thanks for the care you or your loved ones received with a gift that makes an impact.

To learn more or to make a gift, visit

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