Canada’s Top Research Hospital

UHN remains first on list of Canada’s top 40 research hospitals by Research Infosource Inc.

UHN was ranked number one on the 2021 list of Canada’s Top 40 Research Hospitals from Research Infosource Inc. UHN has held the top position since the inception of the list in 2011.  

UHN research spending totaled $490 million in the 2020 fiscal year. In comparison to last year, this spending increased by 20%.

Along with UHN, a total of 19 Ontario research hospitals made it on the list. The other research hospitals in the top five for total research spending are the Hospital for Sick Children ($281.9 million), McGill University Health Centre ($206.1 million), Hamilton Health Sciences ($171.1 million) and the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority ($164.7 million).

The annual rankings compare research hospitals across Canada according to their research spending data. Funds that were considered included grants, contributions and contracts from all internal and external government and non-government sources in the previous fiscal year. 

Within the ‘Large Hospital’ category (total hospital spending >$1 billion), UHN maintained its rank as second for research intensity—the dollars spent per researcher. In the same category, UHN maintained the number one ranking for research hospital intensity, which is defined as the percent of research spending versus total hospital spending.

Dr. Brad Wouters, UHN’s Executive Vice President of Science and Research, comments, “With every year, UHN’s top ranking reminds us that—and despite current challenges—we continue to be committed to the full spectrum of health research. From fundamental discoveries to clinical innovation, medical education and rehabilitation, we are all part of one team with the shared goal of creating a healthier world.”

“Our achievements would not be possible without the generous support of our foundations—The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation and the UHN Foundation. Together with our academic, philanthropic, government, private and patient partners, we are part of a larger research community that is resilient, and which is making progress every day towards our goal to improve health.”

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