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A healthier world starts with you

Devastating diseases. An aging population. A rapidly growing city that’s straining the healthcare system. A global pandemic that’s forced us to rethink everything.

Every day, world-renowned healthcare heroes across University Health Network (UHN) are working to solve these major health problems and more. They’re on the front lines and in the lab, saving lives and finding answers.

Every day, we’re driven to make lives better. But we can’t do it alone. That’s where you come in.

We need donor support to help our hospitals:

  • ENHANCE PATIENT CARE: continuing to improve how, when and where they care for the patients they’re privileged to serve
  • CONDUCT CRITICAL RESEARCH: pursuing knowledge to develop new and better techniques, and find new treatments and cures
  • EDUCATE HEALTHCARE WORKERS: training tomorrow’s leaders, and ensuring they’re well-versed in the latest cutting-edge technologies and methodologies

Medical breakthroughs at UHN – Canada’s number-one research hospital and home to the number-five hospital in the world – are changing lives here and around the globe.

What we’ve achieved so far thanks to donor support is incredible. But now, more than ever, we must push farther. Will you help us?

Why support University Health Network?

UHN has a rich history of breakthroughs and world firsts that have transformed health care here and around the globe. Home to world-renowned experts across a wide spectrum of health areas, UHN is a major referral centre for some of the most complex patient cases in the city, province – and even the country.

UHN is Canada’s number-one research hospital and home to the number-five hospital in the world. From developing new treatments and pursuing cures to revolutionizing surgical techniques and training the next generation of medical leaders, UHN is the place that turns hope into action.

It’s a guarantee that you or someone you know has been affected by a medical illness.

Sometimes it’s completely fixable. Sometimes it’s manageable. But there are always better ways to fix and manage it.

Sometimes there are no answers. We’re more driven than ever to help find them. To make lives better – here in our local community, and around the world.

And we can only do that with the help of our donors.

Why support if the provincial government already does?

While we’re fortunate to have universal health care, our government can’t fund absolutely everything we do – and want to do – at UHN. The provincial government’s primary mandate is to cover the costs of providing patient care. Donor support helps where government funding can’t always reach.

From equipment to upgrading labs and operating rooms, to recruiting and retaining some of the best medical minds in the world, our donors help our hospitals go above and beyond, and remain on the cutting edge.

Innovation and discovery are built into every facet of UHN. But getting funding for brand-new research projects can be difficult and highly competitive. Our donors provide the “seed funding” that researchers often need to kick-start their work. And, once researchers show progress, they’re more likely to unlock funding from other sources to scale up and see their projects through.

Our donors provide the fuel that enables UHN to sustain and translate research – bringing solutions to patients faster. Oftentimes, donor-funded breakthroughs at UHN go on to become standards of care, fully funded by the government – all because our donors invested in some of health care’s biggest and boldest ideas.

The reality is, sometimes we don’t know what’s coming. COVID-19 is a prime example. Donors who support the highest-priority needs of our hospitals enable us to be prepared for whatever comes next.

Our donors are absolutely essential to helping us build a healthier world, today and tomorrow.


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