Thank you to our COVID-19 donors

The world is an uncertain place right now. But one thing is for sure: our collective commitment to making lives better.

We’d like to thank and recognize our generous community who is supporting the highest-priority needs of Toronto General & Toronto Western hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They’re giving frontline staff the protective equipment they need to stay safe, and the fuel they need to keep going.

They’re enabling our researchers to search for rapid solutions to COVID-19, from faster diagnosis to treatment – to protect healthcare workers, save lives and put an end to this pandemic.

They’re the heroes backing our healthcare heroes.

Thank you to our donor heroes

This virtual donor wall acknowledges cumulative giving and gift-in-kind donations from individuals and organizations in support of COVID-19 research, supplies, equipment and highest-priority needs.

The Leo and Sala Goldhar Foundation
Henry and Mindy Lau
The Peter and Melanie Munk Charitable Foundation
Juan & Stefania Speck

Loretta A. Rogers
Martha Rogers
The Slaight Family Foundation
Anonymous (2)

Mr. Ajay Virmani, Director, Cargojet Foundation
Carlo and Angela DeGasperis
Fast Grants & Thistledown Foundation
FDC Foundation
Geosentinel Foundation Inc.
Nesbitt-McMaster Foundation
Robert and Linda Krembil and Family
and Krembil Foundation
Toronto Police Association
Blake and Rita Wallace, in honour of Raymond McCarthy
Anonymous (1)

407 ETR
Attix Pharmaceuticals
Pamela & Paul Austin
The Azrieli Foundation
Neil W. Baker Family
Bruce Power
Ronald & Sandra Chiovitti
The Delaney Family Foundation
The John David and Signy Eaton Foundation
Laura and Jon Hantho
Donald K. Johnson & Anna McCowan-Johnson
Shawn Kimel and Katharine Schatzky
Albert & Temmy Latner Family Foundation
Jim Leech and Deb Barrett
John and Gail MacNaughton Family
The Newlands Family Foundation
The Nixon Charitable Foundation
NSUS Group Inc.
RBC Foundation
Donald & Nita Reed
Jack & Judith Rose
Jeff and Honey Rubenstein and Family
Fuzhou Federation of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs
Warren & Ann Walker
R. Howard Webster Foundation
Anonymous (5)

Judith, Melissa and Amy Berg
in loving memory of Allen S. Berg
Anthony Berger
BNP Paribas
BRL Realty Limited
Marc & Helan Caira
The Paul and Margy Campbell Family Foundation
The Chandaria Family:
– Narendra & Geeta Chandaria
– Dhiren Chandaria & Sophie Charette
– Ashok & Anshuya Chandaria
Dean Connor and Maris Uffelmann
Laura Dinner and Richard E. Rooney
The Elpis Foundation
La Fondation Emmanuelle Gattuso
Sheldon & Lindy Goodman
The Green Fischer Family Trust
Greenrock Charitable Trust
The William and Nona Heaslip Foundation
Huff Estates
Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc.
Janssen Inc.
Stu Kedwell & Candice Holmes
KingSett Capital
McConnell Foundation
Rob and Cheryl McEwen
Alex Douglas McGregor
Patrick & Nancy McNally
Meritus Academy (Olympiads School)
The Nadir & Shabin Mohamed Foundation
Paul W. O’Leary Foundation
Michael R. Orr
Philip S. Orsino O.C., F.C.P.A., F.C.A.
Aglaia Pantziris
Brian and Megan Porter
Sacks Family Foundation
The Anne Butler Slaght Foundation
Tauba and Solomon Spiro Family Foundation
Stanford International College of Business and Technology
Mr. Mark Tinnerman
Mr. Henry Wolfond
Anonymous (7)

W. Geoffrey Beattie and Amanda Lang
Brookfield Annuity Company
Anthony Camisso
Kam Bor Chung
Sydney & Florence Cooper & Family
Fairstone Financial Inc.
Angela and David Feldman Family Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony S. Fell
Fiix Inc.
Janice R. Fukakusa
Lilian & Norman Glowinsky
Jonathan and Harriet Goodman
Heather & Max Gotlieb
Minto Foundation
A. E. Grossman Foundation
Giovanni & Concetta Guglietti Family Foundation:
– Silvio & Patrizia, Riccardo & Lisa, Marco & Michela, and Johnny & Sonia Guglietti & Families
The Moez and Marissa Kassam Foundation
The Henry & Berenice Kaufmann Foundation
Rajendra and Shaila Kothari
The Menkes Family
United Way of Greater Toronto – Local Love Fund
Neinstein Lawyers
O’Shanter Development Company Ltd.
Robert Page
Mel & Rhonda Pearl, in memory of Martin Pearl
Lawrence and Nora Pentland
Barbara V. Ritchie
Jeff and Honey Rubenstein and Family
James and Elaine Slater and Family
The Starbucks Foundation
Tesari Charitable Foundation
Mr. Ajay Virmani
Adesh and Arpana Vora
David C. Watson
Welded Tube of Canada
Bernard & Norton Wolf Family Foundation
Cornell C. Wright
Anonymous (10)

477 Richmond St. Inc.
9938184 Canada Inc.
Accademia Italiana Della Cucina Toronto Delegation
Alison Milne Design + Gallery
Joanne and Zelick Altman
Farrel Barry Appleby
Annick Aubert
Richard Elliott Austin
Salah Bachir and Jacob Yerex
G. Ross Baker
Allan & Anne Bank
Barbara Bank
Alyson Barnett-Cowan
Paul and Jeanine Barnicke
Bayshore Foundation for Empowered Living
John M. Beck
Fred Belusa
Fred and Melodie Belusa
Patricia Bessell
Bex Engineering Ltd.
Matthieu Bidal-St-Aubin
Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP
Molly Bloom
Blue Crowned Prints
Blue-Mark Management Consultants
Jamie and Leah Bras
Brookfield Asset Management Inc.
Bryker Foundation
Women of Burgundy
Burnbrae Farms Foundation Ltd.
The Burstyn Pecaut Smith Family
Colleen Campbell
Canadian Online Giving Foundation
Jian Cao
Carecare Investments Inc.
R. Brian Cartwright
Richard Sai-Hor Chan
Mark Cheevers
Jon Cheevers
Roy and Nancy Chen
Chenstochover Aid Society
Chestnut Park Real Estate Limited
Vienna Choi
Scott G. Coates
Esther & Jack Cole
Dr. Edward Cole
Connor, Clark & Lunn Financial Group
Patricia Anne Cooke
Ted & Edith Croitoru
Bradley and Shane Crompton
Ava Cross
Derrick Croswell
Michael S. Daniher
The David Family Foundation
Alfredo, Angelo, and Antonio De Gasperis & Families
Division of General Surgery – UHN
East Court Ford Lincoln
Wendy & Elliott Eisen
EMCO (Empowering Moms & Children Organization)
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Canada Limited
Estelle Designs and Sales Limited
Ronnie & Gail Faust and Family
William Fielding
Robin A. Fillingham
Fitzrovia Real Estate Inc.
Noel M. Fitzsimmons
Edward Florence
Nick & Sally Forest
Frank R. Foulkes
Steve Freiman
Malcolm Friedland
Friends of Ms. Petula Neale
Tia M. Geminiuc
Sharon Geraghty
Catharina Goldnau
Hal Gould
Jordan Greenberg
Daniel Greenglass & Joe Brennan
The Hallisey Family:
– Pamela Hallisey
– Andrew and Katherine Hallisey
– Linda and John Orr
Pony Heath and Franklin Davis
Heathbridge Capital Management Ltd.
Jorge W. Hehus
Susan Henderson
Houser, Henry & Syron LLP
Dennis Hewitt
Timen Pak-Wing Ho
Beth S. Horowitz
Mukti Hussain
Incore Equities Inc.
Richard and Donna Ivey
The Jackman Family
Bryan W. Jay
Jenny Bird Holdings Inc.
Brian & Sherril Johnson
Leslie Jones
Ping-Ping Juan
Beverly Jusko
Nicole Kahansky
Claire M.C. Kennedy
KingSett Capital
KJ Harrison & Partners Inc.
Kjh Cares
Kurdyak Family Foundation
Melissa Lantsman and Lauren Rakowski
Mervin Lass
Vinh Le
Jialu Li
Meryl Lochhead
Anita Lorelli
Joanna MacDonald
Judy MacDonald
Giovanni Maduri
H. Ayala Manolson
The Mariano Elia Foundation
Martha Martin
Margaret McCain
G. Wallace* and Margaret McCain
Dorothy McComb
Lynn M. McGrade
McMaster Students Supporting the UHN
Mendelsohn Family Foundation
Mini Mioche Retail Inc.
Michael Moffat
Morrison Family Foundation
M-Squared Contracting
Melanie Munk and The Peter & Melanie Munk Charitable Foundation
Alice Murray
Virginia Nalasco
Nationwide Auto Warranty Corporation
Navigator Ltd.
Nelson Cheng Art
Teresa Neto
Robinkin F. Ng
Anh-Tuan Nguyen
North Drive
Barry W. Nowoselski
Oanda Corporation
Cecilia Oliveria
James Oliveria
John-Paul Oliveria
Oxford / OMERS
Lisa Pacht
Randolph & Julia Paisley
Randolph and Julia Paisley
Palm Holdings and Taneja Family Charitable Foundation
Peking University Class of 1980
Mark Pleskovsky
Morris Prychidny
Dr. Harry Rakowski
David & Shanea Rakowski
Adi and Brian Rakowski
Paul and Stefanie Rakowski and Family
Sharon and Steve Ranson
RBC InvestEase Inc.
James Keith Rennie
Retired Teachers of Ontario District 23 North York
Retired Teachers of Ontario District 24 Scarborough and East York
Marj Robbins
Stephen & Clara Robert
Sarah Robson
Dr. Heather Ross in honour of Mr. Jack Lang
Dr. Janet Rossant
Armin Schabel Family
Mina Schwarz
Judith Scolnik
Mark Selick and Gloria Chaim
Shirlee M. Sharkey
Dr. Joseph She
Michael and Jackie Shulman and Family
Nan Shuttleworth
The Silber, Soudack and Zaretsky Families
– Elsa Silber
– Oscar Silber-Zaretsky
– Dr. Ruth Kaplan-Zaretsky
– Sigmund Silber-Soudack
– Linda Cherry-Soudack
Sheldon & Vivian Silverberg
Smithcom Limited
Howard Smuschkowitz
Smythe Inc
Thora A. Snow
Barbara Stymiest
Francoise Sutton
Frances Tam
This Brxnd Saves Lives
John M. Thompson
The Nelson Tilander Memorial Endowment Fund
William Tilford
Trader TV Live
Jim Vassos
David Vernon and Stacey Grossman
View the Space Inc.
Sheila and Ernst* Waengler
Helene and Elliott Wahle
Lauradell S. Walsh
Pamela Warren
The Weinrib Family
Lorne and Michelle Weiss
Whitehorse Liquidity Partners
Anne Wigle
Nadine Williamson
Nan & Jack Wiseman
Dr Anna Woo
Kunyang & Litao Wu
Xanadu Quantum Technologies Inc
Florence Yeung
Mrs. Carole Zucker & Dr. Bernard Zucker
Anonymous (80)

* deceased

2566286 Ontario Inc.
279 Pacific Holdings Inc
ACM Advisors
Ernest Adriaanse
Advice from a Caterpillar
Elisa B. Agatep
Syed W. Ahmed
Dr. Rafa Alonso Gonzales
Rafael Alonso-Gonzales
Rafael Alonso-Gonzalez
Robert P. Armstrong
David P. Barrett
Jennifer Bassett
Bassett Events
Mary-Josephine Beauchamp
Arlene Beckett
Jennifer Benevides
Anthony R. Bessell
Joyti Bhatia
Lurell Dudley Blackwood
BMO Private Wealth
Allyson Boode
Angela M. Borgo
Donna L. Brock
Alex Brott
Pongsakorn Buranathavornsom
Wayne & Elizabeth Caston
Xuchu Chen
Davy Cheng
Sang Cheng
Clifford J. Cheung
James Weston Chisholm
Tony Choi
Sylvester Chuang
Michelle Cleghorn
David Cramer
Gerry Crandles
Nicole Crawford
Crawford & Company Canada
Nick D’Amario
Lorretta B. Daniel
Ray Danniels
Teresa Day
Donor De Pencier
Eric DeSouza
Adam Deutsch
Cynthia Devine
Eiji Doi
Kevin Doyle
Dr. Melitta Mezody Medicine Professional Corporation
James Samuel Dumka
Antoinette M. Dyach
Evolution Dental Solutions
Robert Ezer
Robert I. Ezer
Sandra Faire* and Ivan Fecan
Bernard Feinstein
Rick Feldman
Dr. Brian Feldman
Judith Fenton
Gordon and Ricki Fenwick
Samantha Fienberg
Fifthshire Homes Limited
Fluf Textile Goods Inc.
Victoria Foley
Colleen Forrest
Lorne Fox
Robert J. Fulton
Susie Y. Fung
Susie S. Fung
Cameron Gaunce
Lynn Gerrard
Abdool Ghafur
Bernadette Therese Gillen
Calum Gillespie
Diane E Gladstone
Edie Glazer
Nancy K. Gossling
Geraldine A. Graham
Matthew Growden
Subhash Gujrathi
Brian Harris
Henderson Brewing Company Inc.
Glynis A. Henry
Norma Hillyard
Dr. David Ho
Ben Binh Hoang
Ann Elizabeth Holowchuk
Elizabeth Ann Holowchuk
Cheryl M. Hooper
Matthew Horan
Wan-Yi Huang
Mlle Wan-Yi Huang
Jeffrey Hugo
Barbara Hyland
Harry R. Hymus
International Union of Elevator Constructors Local 50
Int’l Union of Elevator Constructors Local 50
Elizabeth Ivison
Deborah A. Ivison
Armand Ivsins
George T. Iwata
Peggy Y. Jang
Jayzeee  Properties Inc.
Dennis Jones
Robert Jordan
Karen Kahansky
Mathew Kaminski
Yael Kanter
Claudette M. Kluge
Lois Elizabeth Knepflar
Linda E. Koch
Edmond Koch
Patricia Ann Koutsaris
Lampsis Developments Inc.
Bernie and Ryna Langer
Thuy Thanh Le
P. Stephen K. Li
Xinyun Li
Sarah Liang
Philip Lieberman
Douglas A. Lillycrop
Little Dragon Media
Yuxuan Liu
Jeffrey Lloyd
Sylvia E. Logie
Sieu Q. Ly
Anne K. MacArthur
Valerie MacLean
Gwen MacNair
Sita K. Mah
Elton Mahabir
Dr. Maria Maingot-Douketis
Nishant Mankikar
Michael Martell
Tatiana Maslany
Bradley McGee
Angus Duff McGillivray
Kathleen McLachlan
Andrew McLarty
Dorothea A. McRae
Kathleen Metcalfe
Hwang Miao
Midtown Sports
Ana Mihaljevic
David Milovanovic
Moji Canada Inc
Monde Du Chocolat
Domenic Munaretto
John T. Murtaugh
Michael Nestor
Thompson K K Ng
Edward Nowina
Nrt Systems Ing
Christine Oliver
Linda A. O’Loughlin
Philip J. Olsson
Over the Rainbow Ltd.
Albert Page
PB Bell Investment Management Inc.
D. Ross Peebles
Michael S. Penner
Lisa Phillips
Pink Tartan
Julia Price
Kalindi Purohit
Leslie Ann Quackenbush
Nelly Quan
Mary Lou Rashid
Mark Reeve
Stephanie Reilander
Kent Rennie
Katherine Ridout
Rita Benzacar Sales Ltd.
David M. Robichaud
Jill and Gordon Robinson
Rolling Hills Contracting
Ron White Shoes Inc.
Sheldon Rotman
Sonia Rowan
Linda Ruickbie
Carol Ruskin
Lori Russell
Geoff Rytell
Roger James Sabo
Ann Salmonds
Harvey S. Savage
Paul Scott
William T. Scott
Kim Shannon
Shirley Mona Sherry
Moses Shuldiner
Patricia Siracusa
Elena Skarina
Peter H. Smith
Anne B. Smith
Christine So
Erick Spencer and Family
Susan Steel
Bryna & Fred Steiner
Naomi Stephens
Martha and David Sud and Family
Daria Sukhareva
Marki Sveen
Leung Shek Szeto
Ming Sum Szeto
Felix Tan
Alan Tenenhouse
Tony P. Trigiani
Yan Truong
Ira S. Tytel
UHN Psychiatry Agent Inc.
Vault Credit Corporation
Susan J. von Bose
Ann Wai
Keith Walden
Jeremy Walker
Dan Wang
Dradul Wangchuk
David J. Watt
The Whiteside Foundation
David Willmot
David S. Willmot
Lawrence K. Wong
Dorathy C Xavier
Ronald Yamada
Doris Yan
Dr. Henry Yeung
Stacey Young
Laiba Zahid
Jiangxia Zhu
Eric Zoebelein
Anonymous (26)
1095395 Ontario Inc
11737937 Canada Inc
1677259 Ontario Ltd.
2502411 Ontario Ltd
8545073 Canada Inc.
Aaron Chousky Prof. Corp
Nicholas Abelardo
Mathew Abenstein
Dawit Abere
Brad Abernethy
Janice L. Abitbol
Zeinab Aboualy
Jennifer Aboui
Thiruranjitham Abraham
Peter Arnold Abrams
Leonard M. Abramsky
Stacey Acheson
Michael E. Adair
Pasquale Adamo
Alley Adams
Victoria R. Adams
Margaret T. Adamson
Becky Addison
Barbara Addlestein
Similoluwa Adegoke
A. Joel Adelstein
Barbara Adelstein
Ursula Adensamer
Lori M. Adler
Rosanne Agasee
Rowena Agaton
Sonja Agnew
Sheila M. Agnew
Ambrosina Aguiar
Dianne Aguilar
Elaine Agulnik
Hava Aharoni
Margaret E. Ahern
Georgette Mi – Youne Ah-Kian
Ruth Ahlgren
Mohammad Ahmad
Mushtaq Ahmad
Madiha Ahmad
Venous Ahmadipour
Naomi Ahmed
Shabana Farooq Ahmed
Basmah Ahmed
Mohammed Ahmed
Monis Omar Ahmed
Reema Ahmed
Aisha Ahmed
Hafizullah Ahmed
Sherif A. Ahmed
Nadia Aimola
Kandia Aird
Sanjida Akhter
Simon Akiki
David Akirov
Oluwatoyin Olus Alabi
Afsana Alam
Anne Marie Albines
Santo A. Alborino
Hannah Albrechtsons
Armando Albuquerque
Ahwa Al-Busaidy
Leo Alefounder
John Alexander
Gilbert Alexander
Valerine D. Alexander
Danielle Alexander
Sergios Alexandrou
Albert Alexanian
Maria Alexov
Adnan Ali
Salman Ali
Stephanie Ali
Kadir H. Ali
Md. Ashraf Ali
Karim Alidina
Steven Alikakos
Perlita Alilio
Abdulsalam I. Al-Janabi
Samir Allaham
Fraser Allan
Walter Allan
Heather Allan Brown
Adrian Allegranza
Anne-Elise C. Allegritti
Elinor Allison
Lucinda Almeida
Hassan Al-Mosawi
Zainab Al-Nouri
Basheer Alolabi
Leomer Alon
Muhammad Hammad Altaf
Albert Altena
Ilana Altman
Scott Alton
Ana T. Alvarado
Virgilio Alvaran
Amanda Alvaro
Joanne Amadio
Conceicao Amaral
Adelia Amaral
Manuel Amaral
Crisalina Amiana
Thelma F. Amos
Naushad Andani
Joanna Anderson
Jonathan Anderson
David J. Anderson
Chris Anderson
Christopher Anderson
Lois Andison
Andrea Somers Medical Professional Corporation
Salvatore Andriano
Katherine Andrikopoulos
Brenda Andringa
Susan Androlia
Stephanie Anevich
Poh Chew Ang
Frances Anger
Kurt Guenther Anlauf
Bilal Ansari
Anthemic Productions Inc.
Natalie Antonacci
Regina Emmy Antonel
Leanne Anyon
Giuseppina Apollinaro
Apple Inc.
Applebaum, Commisso LLP
Mercedes Aquilina
Neelum Arab
Aranka Lengyel Euro Language Services
Aderito Lima Araujo
Juvelina Araujo
Jack Arbus
Brian Archdekin
Nicole Archer
Neil Arcot
Giuseppina Arcuri
Juliana Argel
Panos Argiropoulos
Dhanrajie Arjoon
Joyce Arlin
William Armstrong
Ryan P. Armstrong
Jim Armstrong
Matt Armstrong
Alan Arnold
Stewart G. Arnott
Linda Aron
Ermelinda Arruda
Constantina Arvanitis
Joffre Arzaga
Melanie Arzaga
Rosa Aschauer
Moya Kathleen Ashby
Ashford Construction Limited
Mandeep Kumar Athi
Susan H. Atkinson
Bradley Atkinson
Megan Atkinson
Elaine V. Attwood
Chi Man Au
Ivy Oi-Yee Au
Chi Keung Au
Elias H. Aucoin
Michael G. August
Edward M. Augustyn
Jennifer Aung
Anne Avery
Bruce Alexander Avery
Aviva Canada
Remi Awoniyi
Axis Dance Studio
Helena Axler
Joshua Axler
Lolita Azarcon
Dina Azevedo
Hadeel Aziz
Anastasiia Babak
Paul Babic
Sheik Mohamed Bacchus
Dana Lynne Bach
Rogaciano Grefal Bacud
Emma Badame
Ana Badour
Jure Badovinac
Larry Baer
Nina Baglione
Danilo Baguinat
Pia Lynn Bahoric
Sattar Bahrami-Panah
Mirza Farooq Baig
Colleen Bailey
Carolyn Bailey
Kathleen J. Bailey
Lucas Bailey
Catherine L. Baillie
Judyth Y. Baird
Judyth Yvonne Baird
Ekaterina Baker
Marilyn Baker
Ann Marie Baker
Eleanor Baker
Joy Baker
Laura Baker
Shirin Bakhtari
Sahibdeep Bal
Rochelle Edith Balaban
Ranya Balbaa
Melissa Baldassarra
Anthony Balducci
Janet Balkwill
Naresh Balmick
Katalin Balog
Noemi A. Balog
Kalu Balogun
Emma Balsas
Michelle Bandic
Namita Banerjee
Muoi Banh
Kathy Banh
Achinta Banik
Matt Bank
Richard Banks
Harpreet Banwait
Jorden Baptist
Shirley Bar Menachem
Danna Barak
Ita Baranek
Barbara Waltman Design
Pierina Barbieri
Tara Barbuto
Erika Barcenas
Lee Barker
Lucy Barker
Chris Barker
Britt Barkwell
Angela Barnes
Aury Barnett
Faye D. Barnstaple
June Barrage
Kenneth M. Barret
Charles Barrett
Karen Barrill
Mary Grace Barroga
Stacey Barroso
Keith Barry
Meghan Barson
Dr. Annatasha Bartel
Jackie Bartlett
Fay Bartley
Doreen Barton
Robert Barton
Ashish Barua
Maithri Basavapatna
Gwendolyn M. Bascus
Isabelle Basmajian
Karen Bassett
Liberia Batista
David Batista
David J. Batista
Amita Batra
Erin Battle
Cindy Battler
Lorraine Baudisch
Patricia E. Bauer
Joseph T. Bauer
Jeffrey Baum
Oliver Baumeister Von Bretten
Jacinta Santos Bautista
Peter Bawden
Tabasum Bazaz
Marc Bazerghi
Florence Beallor
Tom Beaton
Andrew Beaton
Bianca Beaudry
Stephen Beaumont
Pauline P. Bebenek
Ayala Beck
Carol Beckmann
Sherry-Anne Bedminster
Pierre Beeckmans
Mustafa Beg-Mohamed
Nilufa Begum
Genevieve Begy
Henry Behan
Robert Beiles
Hoda Bekheit
Sandra Belcastro
Kathleen Bell
Maria Bell
John R. Bell
Franca Bellisario
Tony Bellissimo
Giovanni Beltrano
Michael Belz
Cathy Belzberg
Kathryn Jane Bemrose
George Benchetrit
Danielle Bengall
Celina Benic
Mary Joy Benito
Desmond Bennett
Lee Bennett
Debra Bennett
Parvesh Benning
Andrea F. Benson
Jack Benzacar
Maurice Benzacar
Linda Berardinelli
Phyllis Berck
Cindy Berg
Wendy Berger
Courtney Berger
Marilyn Berger
Samuel David Bergson
Roza S. Berkovitz
Jack Berkow
Sharon Berlin
Wendy Berman
Corinne Berman
Andy Berman
Estrella Bernabe
Mirando Bernabe
Sarah Bernadene Greenaway
Dino Bernard
Olive Leanora Bernard
Bernard Kowal Food Products
Karen Bernstein
Andrea Bernstein
Joanne M. Bernstein
Coleman Bernstein
Fiona Berry
Hannah Besharati
Mirjana Besir
David Bethune
Jose Lourenco Bettencourt
Katherine A. Betts
Dr. David Bevan
Keith G. Beveridge
Atin Bhattacharya
Nasim A. Bhimji
Rajinder Singh Bhinder
Vikrantsingh Bhonsle
Stephen Bianco
Hailey Biback
Carol E. Bible
Earl M. Biderman
Marilyn G. Biderman
Markus Biehl
Shiela Biernacki
Marisa Adreanna Bifolchi
Dr. Phyllis Billia
Filio Billia
Michelle Billing
Bonnie Ann Bilobrk
Elena N Binaday
Marni Binder
Bruce Bingham
Robert Bingham
Mary Bingham
Martha Binks
Catherine Birken
Rebecca Birnbaum
Merle Birnbaum
Florin Birsan
Magdalene Mary Bischoff
Jill E. Bisgard
Alia Bissett
Nick Bitsas
Rosalyn Black
Barbara Blackadar
Roman Bladek
Tijana Blagovcanin
Douglas Blakeley
Janice Blakelock
Michelle Blanchard
Geoffrey Bland
Mirela Blandea
Judy Blaney
Billy Blast-Off
Lauren S. Blatt
Frances Blau
Kathleen Blenich
Gloria Rochelle Blier
Nancy Block
Nadine Block
Brian and Bryna Bloom
Barbara C. Bloom
Ronna Bloom
Colin Bloom
Tara Bloomfield
Raymond Cyril Blower
Renee Blumenfeld
Timera Boateng
Douglas Bodley
Sue Boetto
Diethard Kurt Bohme
Linda Diane Boilard
Ellen Boldovitch
Nick Boldt
Monica L. Bologa
Scott Bomhof
Eleanor Bonder
Warren Bongard
Razaik Boparai
Haley Borden
Kathryn Borgatti
Helen Borshovou
Andre Borys
Ratko Boskovic
A. Joan Bosworth
Filomena Botelho
Eli Boteva
Eugenia Boteva
Jenna Botrie
Julie Boudreault
Roger Bourdeau
Nona S. Bourgeois
Patrick Bourke
Harry Bournas
Freda Marie Bourrier
Helen G. Bower
Betty Bowie
Drew Bowles
Jennifer Bowman
Eric Bowman
Geraldine Bowman
Norma Bernice Boyd
Cathy Boynton
Bracha Investments Inc.
James J. Bradley
Patricia Bradley
Darryl Braganza
Abram Braithwaite
Jeffrey Brandham
Ryan Brandham
Philip Branston
Abby Brass
Frederick D. Brayford
James Bredin
Maureen Bremmer
Jane M. Brennan
Sam Brennand
Eli Brenner
Laurel Bresnahan
Michèle Breton
Robert Briedis
Jayne Brinklow
Bouchaib Briou
Kaitlin Brioux
Edith Brisson
Ileana Brito
Peter Broad
Beverly S. Brock
Michael P. Brodey
Elliott J. Brodkin
Lara Brodkin
Mark Brodkin
Phyllis Brodkin
Jennifer Brodlieb
David Bronstine
Nancy Bronzi
Gillian Brook
Cheryl Brooker
Brookfield Properties (Canada) Inc.
Virginia Brooks
Dave Brooks
Stuart Brotman
Ronna M. Brott
Tom Brown
Andrew T. Brown
Sharon R. Brown
Alex T. Brown
Barbara E. Brown
Caroline Brown
David K. Brown
Paula Brown
Krista Brown
Melvin Brown
Danielle Brown
Carlin Browne
Veronica Brownie
Jack Brudner
Georges Brun
Claudette Brunelle
Carmela Bruno
Giacinto Luigi Bruno
Lucille Bryan
Robert C. Bryant
Karen Bryer
Krista Bryndza
Bt Regulatory Consulting Solutions Inc.
Arwin Buccat
Mary Buccella
Lee Buchanan
Kenneth G. Buchkowsky
Henry Buckhalter
Sara Buckingham
Trina Budd
Agnes G. Bumstead
Steven Bun
Joseph Raymond Buncic
Michelle Buozis
Howard Zelik Burack
James Burgess
Barbara L. Burkart
Ashley Burke
Kristan Burley
Mark Burnatowski
Theodore F. Burnett
Karen Burnett
Erica Burnett
Donna Burns
Anne Bursey
Andrea E. Burstein
Ruediger Busch
Helen Castillo Butac
Kendra Butcher
Derek Butcher
Steven H. Butler
Vimol Butrsingkorn
Sarah Butterill
Dorothy M. Buziak
Lynn Ann Byrne
Robert Byrne
Janice M. Byrne
Maria Teresa Cabioc
Maria Teresa N. Cabioc
Teresa Cabioc
Jose Cabral
Jorja Cadence
Wei Cai
Riccardo Caimano
Krista Cairns
Kathryn Calder
Margarita Calderon
Stephanie Callan
Sabine Calleja
Theresa E. Camacho
Olga M Deamaral Camara
Laura Cameron
Camp Manitou
Don Campbell
James P. Campbell
James Campbell
Sterling Campbell
Iivi Campbell
Martin Campeau
Maria T. Campoli
Canada Iron & Metal Co. Ltd.
Canadian Dance Unit
Ron Candelario
Mario Candeloro
Claudio Candiano
Claire Canini
Noreen Cannamela
Marie Canning
Anna Cansisio Cole
Megan Cao
Deborah Capaccio
David Capin
Stanley Caplin
Attilio Capodilupo
Ramona Caporicci
Laura Jane Caporusso
Lorne Cappe
Francesco Caputo
Angela Caracciolo
Nicola Caravaggio
Luciano Caravaggio
Ellen Carayiannis
Louise Carberry
Arthur Cardinal
Nicholas Cardinale
Jose Cardoso
Melissa Cardoso
George H. Carey
Frank Caridi
Laura Carino
Rickland A. Carleton
Brenda Marlene Carlin
Heather Carmichael
Maria Cassandra Carnovale
Leah Carr
Paulina Carr
Carrado Carpenter Contractor Ltd.
Barry Carroll
Trish Carroll
Robert Carruthers
Joseph Carter
Brandon Carter
Christine Caruso
Teresa Caruso
Dr. Merce Casas Prat
Susan Casimiri
Robin Cassel
Mike Cassella
Carina Cassidy
Isabel Castillo
Riza Castillo
Joseph R. Castonguay
Anna Louise Catling
Michael Terrence Catling
Antonio G. Catricala
Edina Cavalli
Catherine Mary Cavanaugh
Catharine Mary Cavanaugh
Francesco Ceci
Anita M. Ceiger
Alexandra Celebre
Antonio Cellucci
CenSea Inc.
Sara Cernivivo
Marta Cerny
Dianne Cerqua
Armando Simoes Cevada
Lucien Chabot
Gilbert Chabot
Brenda M. Chadwick
Allison Chai
Betty Chai
Lucy Chai
Alissa Chakhverdova
Shobha Chakravorty
Atupele Chakwera
Ernest Chamberlain
Mildred Chan
Che Shing Chan
Amy L. Chan
Felix Chan
Fu Ping Wah Charile Chan
Fu Ping Wah Charlie Chan
Ricky Wan Yung Chan
Betty Bi-Tee Chan
Jacqueline Chan
Larry Chan
Maxine Chan
Peter S. Chan
Virginia Chan
May Yung Chan
Adam Chan
Connie Chan
Garry Chan
Michael Chan
Philomena F. Chan
Samuel Chan
Tony Chan
Kimmy C. Chan
Thomas Chan
Michael Kwok Leung Chan
Judy C. K. Chan
Lawrence Chan
Shiu Fong Felix Chan
Uma Chandran
David Chih-Hsiung Chang
Simon K. Chang
Phyllis Chang
Veta A. Chang
Su-Hui Chang Hu
Stephanie Chapman
Meghan Chapman
James R. Chapman
Jodi Chapnik
Jacques Charbin
Penny Charter
Narat Charupat
Aneesh Chatterjee
Ruba Chatterji
Kiet Chau
Sofia Chau
Phuoc H. Chau
Aditya Chavan
Bhupendrakumar Maganbhai Chavda
Noreen Chelekower
Sri Renga Chellappah
Li Zhen Chen
Shiliu Chen
Chia Chi Chen
Hanna Chen
Huan Chen
Jiahua Chen
Wei Qing Chen
Yong Chen
Kewei Chen
Xuefeng Chen
Hsing Yang Chen
Meiling Chen
Pengxu Chen
Ruanfan Chen
Xue-Ying Chen
Ying Hsia Chen
Chien Shen Chen
Dustin Chen
Edward Chen
Vanessa Chen
Zhuo Yu Chen
Xianshen Chen
Rui Cheng
Michael Cheng
Lai Chu Cheng
Alastair Cheng
Lotfi Cheniour
Phyllis Derita Chen-Wittke
Stephen Chereshnevsky
Tali Chernin
Peter Chernoff
Mark Cherun
Clara Cheung
Conrad Cheung
Katrina Cheung
Priscilla P. Cheung
Charles Cheung
Katherine Cheung
Bonnie Cheung
Jeremy Cheung
Jessica Cheung
Joshua Cheung
Kam Cheung
Liann Cheung
Calvin Chew
Smriti Chhetri
Samuel Chiasson
John Chiaverina
Gopalan Chidambaram
Quoc Chieu
Midori Chijiiwa
Tamara Chik
Carmine Frank Chilelli
Winnie Chim
Chima Transport Ltd.
Helen Chin
Melanie Chin
Merryl Sandra Chin
Kenneth K T. Ching
Ho Choy Ching
Anita W. Ching
Elizabeth Chisholm
Samila Sy Chiu
Ruby Chiu
Min-Fu Chiu
Amy Chiu
Basil Chiu
Megan Chiu
Kit Chun Chiu Ma
Evelyn Cho
Lucyna Chociej
Connie S.C. Choi
Changhoon Choi
Henry Ming Li Choi
Stella Man-Yu Choi
Yvonne Choi
Manfei Choi
Sophia Choi
David Chong
Kelly Choo
King Sang Chou
Arup Choudhury
Anna Chow
Ernest Tat-Wing Chow
Andrew Chow
James Chow
Ka-Yuk Chow
Agnes Chow
Fuad Chowdhury
Kirby Chown
Jane Choy
Brenda Christen
Margrith F. Christen
JJ Gordon Christie
Edna Chu
Irene Chu
Helen Chu
Stephanie Chu
Chun-Ying Chu
Ken Chu
Dushyant Chugh
Wasiq Chughtai
Daniel L. Chui
Pui Yee J. Chung
Harriet Chung
Helena Chung
James Chung
Victor Chung
I-Long Chung
Ada Chung
Christine Chung
Isaac Charles Chung
Jimmy Chung
Stery Chung
Tomasz Chwieszczenik
Marissa Ciano
Laura Ciarallo
Angel R. Cifuentes
Lucio Cioffi
Elisa Cipriani
Circolo Morgezio
Diane Citron
Michael Claener
Anne Claener
Jack Clark
Patricia E. Clark
Dr. Joe T. Clarke
Frederick Norman Clarke
Sean Clarke
Errol A. Clarke
Roger Newton Clarke
Frank M. Clarke
Paul M. Clarke
Allyson Dawn Clarke
Eileen J. Clegg
Margaret Cleghorn
Stephen Cleghorn
Amanda Cleghorn
Arlene Clement
Carmelo Clemente
Manuel J Clementino
Steven Newall Clendenan
Mr. & Mrs. Carol & Tim Cline
Delia Ragma Co
Kenneth Cochrane
Mary Lynn Cockburn
Heather L. Cockburn
Sonny Coelho
Sylvia Cohane
David Cohen
Simon David Cohen
Michael Cohen
Esther Cohen
Stephen Cohen
Ellen B. Cohen
Malka Cohen
Loren Cohen
Dalya Cohen
Elaine Cohen
Carly Cohen
Esther Cohen Bartfield
Maria Coiro
Laverne J. Coker-Ellis
Monika Colaizzi
Annette Colalillo
Colleen Mary Colangelo
John M. Cole
Jorge Coll
Colleges Ontario
Penny Collenette
Evan J. Collins
Victor Bruce Collins
Jennifer Collins
Michael P. Comeau
Alexandra Comlosan-Pop
Cornelis N. Commandeur
Rick Comrie
Donald Comrie
Mark Conacher
Garson S. Conn
Eva Connell
Michelle Connolly
Kathleen Connors
Janet Conover
Ferdinando Consolich
Marleen Constantin
Rocco Conte
Jehan Contractor
Dr. Vincent G. Conville
Kevin Conway
Paul Conway
Donald A. Cook
Peggy F. Cook
Carol A. Cook
Gerald C. Cook
Jennifer Cook Spanton
Jessie B. Cooke
Germaine Coombs
Steven Cooper
Mary Ettie Cooper
Bernard Cooper
Irwin Cooper
Laura Cooper
May Cooper
Barbara Cooper
Nikki Cooper
Allan Cooper
Leonida Corcuera
Dr. Michael S. Cord
Sheila Corkill
Roland Anthony Cornacchio
Fay Coroneos
Leone De Jesus B. Correia
Kevin Corso
Dr. Patricia J. Corson
Jackson Corzato
Christine T. Cosby
Mike G. Cosic
Jose Angelo Costa
Jose Morais Costa
Fernanda Fernandes Costa
Diane Costanzo
Nelson Cote
Catherine M. Cotton
Manuel F. Coutinho
Sara Coutinho
Aida M. Couto
Sara Cowan
Marion Collette Cox
Colin Mcgregor Coy
Susan Coyne
John H. Cracknell
Janice L. Craig
Dr. Fergus I. Craik
Pascale Crane
Robert A. Crawford
Ian Crawford
Donald Crawley
Creative Travel Inc
Crescent Investment Partners
Christina Crisostomo
Catherine Crofton
Roy G. Crompton
Eardley O. Cromwell
Michael G. Cross
Samantha Cross
Mitchelle Cruz
Claudia L. Cruz De Salgado
Endre Csizmazia
Marizen Cuevillas-Saraza
Wendy Cukier
Sasha Cukier
Chelsea Cummings
Agostinho Cunha
Renetta A. Cupid
Alexandru Curelea
Alison Currie
Margaret T. Currie
Capitolina G. Curveira
Marcia Dawn Cuthbert
Meredith Cutting
Shelli Cyglefarb
Dominika Czerwinska
Manuel Alberto Jorge Da Silva
Olenka Dabrowski
Lisa Dack
Tony D’Addario
Sharon Dagan
Patricia Dale
Eden Dales
Joshua Dalfin
Ashley Dalgorf
Branko Daljevic
Sandra A. Dalziel
Pina Maria D’Amico
Alyse Dan
Melanie Dan
Bach Tuyet Dang
Hau Dang
Kinh Ngoc Dang
Angie Dang
Angie Hue Y Dang
Toha Dang
To Ha Dang
Max Danieli
Grace Dardick
Daron Financial Inc.
Delnaz Daryabari
Asesh Das
Ranajit Das
Avelino Vilarinho Da-silva
Davide D’Auria
Nancy Christina David
Miriam David
Steve David
David Slan Professional Corporation
Saul Davidson
Brenda Jean Davidson
Jeff Davidson
Dawn L. Davis
Alice Davis
Nick Davis
Irwin Davis
Laura Davy
Nancy Dawe
Kim Dawkins
Jeff Dawson
Douglas Ralph Day
Ryan Daychak
Sherry Dayton
Arsham Dayyani
Leintje J. De Boer
Christina De Caires
Vincenzo De Giorgio
Alexander De Iulis
Jesulito D. De Jesus
Teresita Romasanta De Leon
Manuel P. De Lira
Francisco L. De Medeiros
Elida Ester De Molina
Carlo De Pellegrin
Alice De Sousa
Adriana Maria De Sousa
Bruce Deacon
Margaret Dean
Julia L. Deans
Keith Anthony Dear
Frederick Debidin
Jaime DeBora
Penny DeBora-Worth
Christie DeCata
Maria Decena
Greg Degez
Karolina Dejnicka
Jonathan Del Duca
Vincent Clara Del Duca
Esther Del Duca
Jacob Del Duca
Assunta Del Giudice
Cosimo Del Medico
Rose DelGuzzo
Nadine D’Elia
Rafaella D’Elia Corbeth
Jermaine Delisser
Dell Technologies
Perry Dellio
Carly Delson
Demetri Demopoulos
Timothy Dempsey
John J. Dempsey
Ladislau Denes
Mary-Lynn Elizabeth Denner
Cheryl Elizabeth Denney
Carl Dennis
Denise Dennis
Denise Dennis
Leslie Dennis
Amanda Dermer
Alyssa Desautels
John DeSousa
Serena Dessen
Lexley Deus
Michael Deverett
Edward Devlin
Caroline Freedman Devon
Derek Peter Devries
Mubashir Dewan
Gretchen Dewhirst
Suman Dey
Nicole Deziel
Shirin Dhanani
Patricia Di Ciano
Lucio Di Clemente
Antonio Di Filippo
Enrico Di Giuseppantonio
Salvatore Di Gregorio
Venere Di Marca
Anthony Di Nardo
Ferdinando Di Pietro
Erika Di Rezze
Jennifer Di Santo
Giovanni Di Santo
Marina Dial
Eli Diament
Sara Diament
Katy Diamond
Arnold Diamond
Maria C. Dias
Purisima Diaz
Michael Decatalina Diaz
Annette Diaz
Andrea DiCarlo
Fanny Dickson
Rob Dickson
Nicholas E. Dietrich
Kenneth John Dietrich
Grace Diez
Lana Difrancesomarino Grace
Catharine Dignam
John George Dignan
Ursula Dignard
Andy Dimitrakakis
Judith Dimitriu
Wendy Dimmock
Junhua Ding
Bo Ding
Hui Ding
Rajnarine Dipchan
The Distancing Club
Pamela G. Ditner
Giuseppe Ditomaso
Amanda Dituri
Bert DiVincenzo
Rose Divincenzo
Cameron Dix
Du Do
Linh Do
Y Pi Doan
James Dobos
Elizabeth Dobrzanski
Elizabeth Dobrzanski
Doctor Andrea Somers Medicine Professional Corporation
Sarah Dodd
George C. Dogterom
Gary Donald
Andrew Anthony Donato
Dr. Michael W. Donnelly
Michael Donohue
Andy Donovan
Alex Donsky
Yvonne Donze
Michael Doody
Sean Van Doorselaer
Samira Dossani
Linda Dougherty
William Blair Douglas
William John Dowkes
Stewart C. Downer
Jenn Downer-Cholock
Brittany Downman
Mabel Allouise Downs
Kevin Doyle
Darlene Doyle
Donna Doyle
Elizabeth Doyle
Jaclyn Doyle
Dr. Elaine Yee Hang Li Dentistry Professional Corp
Dr. Shailla Vaidya Medical Professional Corporation
Diane Dragasevich
Mira Dragicevic
Shelby Draper
Jay Dressler
Rosemary Drinnan
Federico Drogo
Carolyn Droznika
Freda A. Drukier
Yvette Drumgold
Dave G. Drummond
Alan Dryer
Marvin Dryer
Pat Drysdale
Hazel Dsouza
John Dsouza
Hazel D’Souza
Hongjia Du
Sarah Ducharme
Robert L Duchnicky
Shirley M. Duff
Dawn Dufour
Loreen J. Dugale
Steven Duggan
John Duggan
Eustachio John Duni
Klaus Dunker
Augustus Dunkley
Dunks Pirate Shop
Valerie Dunlop
Barbara Dunlop
Barbara E. Dunlop-Mohammad
Sandra Marlene Dunseath
Janine Katherine Dunton
Huong T. Duong
Soc Chien Duong
Lien Duong
Melissa Duong
Suzy Duong
Ashit Kumar Dutta
Richard A. Dutton
Ashleigh Dwinnell
Peter A. Dwomoh
Rose Marie Dwyer
Marylou Dy
Michael Dyjach
Lorraine Earl
Mary Eastman
Herb Ebisuzaki
Richard Ebisuzaki
Norfa Andrea Eccleston
Stephen G. Ecclestone
Eco-Depot Inc.
Gregory Edwards
Madeline Edwards
Elizabeth Efthymiadis
John Egar
Susanne Egier
David Ehrlich
Paul Norbert Eichgrun
Dina El Sayed
Ela Lifestyle Group Inc.
Hassan Elahi
Kelly Elder
David Elfan
Islam Elhegawy
Alexander H. Elias
Nasima A. Elias
Wendy Elinsky
Yael Elitzur-Samuel
Viktor Elkis
Emily Elkouby
Larry Ellerton
Anne Elliott
Evelyn Joan Elliott
Sonia L. Ellis
Thomas J. Ellis
Ruth Ellis
Amy Elmaleh
Debbie Elman
Caterina Elzbet
Kathryn Emanuel
Margaret A. Emery
Eminent Immigration Inc.
Ann Marie Endicott
Edward Eng
Chuck Kee Eng
Paul Eng
Dr. Slava Epelman
Richard Epstein
Kelsey Ermers
Ernie Contracting
Erwin Oechslin Medicine Professional Corporation
Azad Gulamhussen Esmail
Michael Espinoza
Laura Essak
Emma Esselink
Allan Esser
David F. Estabrooks
Rachel Evans
Anita Ewen
Dieu Ange Francois Exume
Janine Ezard
David Ezekiel
Laurence Ezer
Jonathan Ezer
Seymour Ezer
Andrew Ezer
David Ezer
Inara A. Ezers
Frances Ezerzer
Kathy Fabbro
David Fabian
Ellis Fabian
Sharon Facella
Lorraine Fairbloom
Dr. Nabiha Faisal
Dr. William Faith
Nelia Falcao
Maria Falcone
Reza Fallahian
Fan Tiling Limit
Hannah Fani
Genevieve Farago
Abbas Farangi
Jennifer Farber
Vito Farella
Myrtle Agnes Faria
Danial Farid
Barbara and Peter Farkas
Farmland Productions Inc.
Stephanie Farnsworth
Richard J. Farrar
Raquel Farrington
Darlene Farrow
Ronald William Faulkner
Ashley Faust
Sally Fawzi
Michael Fazzari
John Featherstone
Jolie Featherstone
Rosalinda M. Febria
Marc Fedak
Adriana E. Fedee
Diana Fehler
Bernard Feintuch
Raquel Miriam Feldberg
Esther Feldman
Dawn Fell
Paul Felstein
Jianrong Feng
Talita Fennell
Jennifer Fenwick
Alysha Ferguson
Gilbert G. Ferguson
Paul Ferley
Norberto Fernandez Ferman
John Fernandes
Ana Fernandes
Maria Jennifer Fernandes
Maria Conceicao Fernandes
Angela Domenica Ferrante
Benedetta Ferrantone
Angela Ferrari
Anna F. Ferrari
Robert Ferraro
Yolanda Ferrato
Rita Ferrazzutti
Ellie Ferreira
Paulo Ferreira
Lena Ferreira
Fernanda Ferreira-Rainho
David Ferrie
Helen Ferrigan
Rio Ferron
Andriy A. Fesenko
Gary Fick
Beatriz Fiddy
Joyce Field
June E. Field
Yarmila Filey
Maria Filosa
Sherri R. Fine
Beverley Fingerhut
Percy Fink
Henry J. Finkelstein
John Henry George Finlay
Lisa Fiorello
Eleonora Fiorini
Shelby Fisch
Scott Fischer
Kenneth S. Fisher
Jean Fitch
James H. Fitzgerald
Peter Fitzgerald
Regan Fitzpatrick
Thomas Fitzpatrick
Brian J. Fitzpatrick
Kathleen Flamino
Karen Elizabeth Fleming
Barbara M. Fletcher
Robert A. Fletcher
Jane A. Flett
Michael Florence
Alfredo Germano Fogliato
Cathrine Fois
Philip Fok
Alexandra F. Fokine
Cecilia M. Fonseca
Krystal Foo
Estelle Foreman
Carly Foresto
David Forfar
Anna Forglone
Stephen W. Forrester
Pierre Wilfrid Fortier
John Frederick Fortune
Claude A. Foster
Felicity Fowke
Delbert S. Fowler
Elliot Fraizinger
Randall Franklin
Judith Franklin
Alistair Mackenzie Fraser
Sonia Frassetto
Micky Fraterman-Oostra
Lyle Allan Frederick
Franny Freed
Dr. Sheldon Freelan
Edwin J. Freeman
Victoria Freeman
F. Lawrence French
Lorne George French
Joel A. Freudman
Todd Friars
Penelope Fridman
Tara Fried
Michele Friedlich-Pollock
Sari Friedman
Earle Friedman
Sari Friedman
David Frimer
Ronald Fritz
Danny Frizado
Jack Randall Frizelle
Peter Frost
Anne Froude
Andrew Frumam
Nelson Frutuoso
Shael Fryer
Rong-Kuei Fu
Annabelle Fuchay
Erminia Fuda
Winnie Fung
Gianna Fung
Anna Fung-Chun Lee
Caterina Furlano
Hugh Furneaux
Michelle Fuss
Krassimir Gadjokov
Mary Gaffiero
Huguette Gagne
Anita Gaide
Aaron Gaistman
Monday Gala
Vincenzo Galati
Salvatore Galati
Christina Galati-Simonetta
Stephen Galbraith
Heather Gallagher
Maria A. Galloro
Giuseppe Galluzzo
Kim Galvez
Kokila Gamage
Barbara Gammon
Aron Gampel
Harjinder Gandhi
Nerilyn S. Gansatao
Wei Gao
Shu H. Gao
Lucy Gao
Jingyuan Gao
Alby Garbe
Fabio Botelho Garcia
Ana Elizabeth Garcia
Saverio Gardin
Jim Gardiner
Rosaria Garisto
Linda Garneau
Barbara J. Gaskey
Thomas A. Gastis
Ralph Gaston
Frank Gaudio
Tamami Gavrilovic
Aschalech Butta Gebrehiwot
Laurie Gelbloom
Leslie Gelfand
John Gelmon
Anna Gemeri
Tracy J. Geobey
Pierre M. Geoffroy
David George
Steven Gerlofs
Kelci Gershon
Brandon Gerson
Bessie Gerstner
Vassilios Gessas
Shazia Ghafur
Humera Ghani
Susan Ghavam
Danny Ghazarian
Marcel Ghazouli
Hanna Ghobrial
Phan Gian
Thanh K. Giang
Joanne Giannakopoulos
Catherine Giannini
June Gibbs
Juleigh Giberson
Gayle P. Gibson
Lib Gibson
Fran Giddens
Brad Giebat
Angela M. Gignac
Scott R. Gilchrist
Eugenia K. Gilchrist
Carol A. Giles
Eva Giles
Rachel Gilgeous
David Gill
Glorificacion S. Gillego
Barbara Gillen
Gillian Mary Gillespie
Tom Gillie
Sarah Gillin
Vicki J. Gillis
Shirley Gin
Mo Gingras
Brian Ginsler
Angelo Girolimetto
Charlene E. Girt
John Charles Gismondi
Kenneth Giuliani
Lorne Glass
Sandra Glaze
Sam Glazer
Gerald Glazer
Gordon Gleason
David Glicksman
Patricia Glover
Michael Glowinsky
Julia Gluck
Nathalie Gluckstein
Krystyna Gludovics
Michael Goba
Alaina Godfrey
Linda Gail Gold
Wendy Gold
Bertha R. Gold
Michael Goldberg
Robyn Goldberg
Mira Goldberg-Poch
Elissa Golden
Aron Goldenberg
Yetta Goldenberg
Lesley P. Goldenberg
Karen Goldhar White
Karen Goldhar-White
Caryn Goldin
Ariane Gold-Kosow
Jared Goldlust
Noah Goldstein
Marnie Goldstein
Heidi J. Gollert
Antonio M. Gomes
Joseph M. Gomes
Manuel Dacunha C. Gomes
Randy Gomm
Margaret Gomm
Aurora Goncalves
Lucia C. Goncalves
Beiqing Gong
Nancy Gong
Iluminada Gonzales
Michelle Gonzales
Guillermo Perez Gonzalez
Phyllis Goodfellow
Molly Goodis
Vivienne M. Goodison
Laurie Goodman
Nomi Goodman
Elaine K. Goodman
Fran Goodman
Staci Goodman
Rachael Goodman
Paul F. Goodram
David M. Gordon
Wendy Gordon
Fred Goren
Peter Goretzki
Pamela Gorospe
Michael Gosal
Ian Gosse
Ann Gosselin
Michael Gotthardt
Garrett Gottlieb
Lexi Gottlieb
Pam Gottlieb
Susanne Gottlieb
John Robert Goudy
Beth Gould Crotty
Susan Goulden
Isabelle R. Gouveia
Anne Gove
Christopher Graf
Eula Graf
Hannah Graff
Tracie Graff
Catherine E. Graham
John Graham
Thomas Graham
Peter Grainger
Renata Granado
Chris Granofsky
Donald Grant
Myrtle Grant
Kristina Grasic
Denis Gratton
Ian & Christie Gray
Great Wall Trading Ltd
Alan M. Greaves
Arpi Greco
Dina Greco
Laurel L. Green
Aubrey Green
Brian Green
Leslie Green
Daniel Green
Danielle E. Green
Esther Green
Green Value Inc
Amy Greenberg
Zelda Greenberg
Ty Greenberg
Marianne Greenberg
Tobi Greenberg
Joanne Greene
Sandra Greenfeld-Lyons
Lorry Greenspan
Rosann Greenspan
Joel Greenstein
Ian Greenwood
Ruth E. Greenwood
Jeanette Greenwood
Janet Greenwood-West
Emma Gregg
David Gregory
Paul T. Gregory
Ruth Greisman
Lorna C. Greve
Amninder Grewal
Arjun Grewal
Charan S. Grewal
Jesmeen Grewal
Matthew Grierson
Howard Griesdorf
Brian Grieve
Frances A. Griffin
Carolyn Griffis
John & Betty Grittani
Brian Charles Groombridge
Jessica Grosdanof
Howard H. Gross
Mike Grossman
Tabitha Grove
Ligia Groza
Roumen Grozev
Shirley A. Grummett
Daniel Gruner
GTA Zhejiang University Alumni Association of Canada
Rongfeng Guan
Kathleen Guchardi
Irwin Gudofsky
Stacey Gudz
Guerra Paez Medicine Professional Corporation
Alberto E. Guerrero
Julie Gugelyk
Ann Guglietti
Hidelyn Guilalas
Rosanne Guindon
Kenneth Guise
Haonan Guo
Nitika Gupta
Karen Gurland
Ibrahim Paul Gurpinar
Lori Gutkin Merson
Anna Gutmanis
Allan Guttman
Yuri Guy
Shael Gwartz
Wayne Gwillim
Isaiah Haber
Paul Habert
Maha Habib
Aster Haile Kassa
Conor Hails
Cathreine Joan Hale
Karen Hale
Jamie Hall
Sam Josef Cecil Harold Hall
Andrew Halliday
Audrey Halnan
Adam Halpern
Ellen Halpern
Meredith Halpern
Dr. Elise Halpern
Barbara Halsey
Noella Hamel
Howard T. Hamer
Ross A. Hamilton
Hugh M. Hamilton
Robert J. Hamlin
Brian Hammond
Jiaying Han
Barbara Hanaka
Ian Hand
Bradley John Hanes
Florence M. Hanna
Rysa Hanna
Bodil Hansine Hansen
Yu Fang Hao
Emily Hao
Umesh Haran
Tracy Harcus
Monica Harding
Dr. Shane Harding
Anna Hardwick
Andre Hardy
Kenneth Hare
Edie & Robert Harlang
Andrea Harper
Ian Paul Harper
Bryan Harrigan
Joyce Harris
Luana Harris
Sarah Harris
Eilene Harris
Charlotte Harris
Naomi Harris
Dent Harrison
Rebecca Harrison
John G. Hart
Cheryl Hart
Marilyn Hartleib
Emma Hartley
George Hartley
Michael Donald Hartrick
Newtie Hartwell
Ernie Harvey
Tess J. Harvie
William Albert Haslam
Michael Haslehurst
Sung Sook Haslett
Sandie L. Hassan
Laura Hatcher
Frederik Hatsav
Norman R. Hatton
Mee Lin Hau
Hava Engineering Ltd.
Zena A. Havelock
Melissa Hayes
Hayley Starkman Dentistry Pc
Harley Hayman
Susan M. Hayman
Peter D. Hazlewood
Arash Hazrati
Shengcai He
Pauline E. Head
Chris Head
Joann Heale
The Heard Family
Steven Hedrik
Mary J. Hegedus
Hegedus Old Mill Limited
Betty-Ann L. Heggie
Frances L. Hellen
Beth Hemstad
Ian R. Henderson
Violette Henein
Marjorie E. Henery
James William Hennessy
Isabell Henry
John Henwood
Mary V. Henwood
June Hermann
Raul Hernandez
Terry Hersenhoren
Lorne Herszkowicz
Sean Herszkowicz
Bruno Hervatin
Tammy Herzog
Brian Howard Hess
Kelsey Hickey
Carol Hicks
Sarah Hicks
Catherine Hicks
Sharon Highgate
Elizabeth Hilborn
Lawrence Hildebrand
Yvonne Hill
James Hill
Ernest Alan Hills
Christine Hilton
Patricia M. Himel
Juan Manuel Hincapie
Gordon R. Hinch
Sharon Hinz
Tazim Hirani
Shabbir Hitawala
Kay Hla
Kolby Ho
Esa L. Ho
Karen K. Ho
Lan-Foon Ho
Cheng Lin Ho
Daniel Ho
David K. Ho
Emily Ho
Kam To Ho
Richard Ho
Wen-Yue Ho
Chi Kin Ho
Ellen Ho
Po Mey Ho
Yannie Ho
Amy W. Ho
Natalie Ho
Richard L. Ho Fon Sing
Sheila Hockin
Norbert R. Hoferichter
Bailee Hoffman
Cory Hoffman
Carmen Hogan
Bette Holancin
Dudley Holder
Kari Hollend
Meghan Hollett
Michael Hollinger
Lois A Holmes
Marian J. Holmes
Tahmasib Homam
Anthony G. Honeywood
Michael Hong
Lia Qiang Hong
Andrew Hong
David M. Hong
David Minh-Quang Hong
Vinh The Hong
Youngmi Hong
Haelim Hong
Adrienne D Hood
Doug Hood
Glenn Hookey
Terry Hope
Lynn Hopkins
Barbara Irene Hopkins
Sabina Hoque
Nitish Hore
Horizon Consultancy Inc
Gregory Hornberger
Dr. Asher Horowitz
Morgan Paul Jason Horst
Edward P. Horton
Emilia Horvath
Steve Hoskin
Md. Mussaddak Hossian
Lin Hou
Donald Hovey
Judy Howard
Sandra Howarth
Nancy Howchin
Olivia Howe
Sandra Howells-Hercia
Iain Howieson
Li Chang Hsieh
Megan Hsu
Fan-Yu Hsueh
Yanning Hu
Johnson Tzai-Sun Hua
Tina Huang
Jing Wen Huang
Long Qi Huang
Ryan Huang
San Lang Huang
Yi Feng Huang
Yuwei Huang
Yan Yan Huang
Anna Hubert
Nadine Hubert
Edmond Hudescu
Cheyrl A. Hudson
Barbara J. Huff
Rita Huggins
Wing Hong Hui
Joyce Hui
Wai Lo Hui
Humbertown Framing Gallery
Morag Humphrey
Zarina Hunani
Li-Fen Hung
Annie Hung
Robert Hung
Joan Hunter
Jiwen Huo
Roger Hupman
Lynn Hurlbut
Janet L. Hurley
Fariha Husain
Iqbal Husain
Carlson Husbands
Yosua Husodo
Rania Husseini
Ahmad Husseini
Stuart Hutcheson
Cole Hutchinson
Kim Huynh
Trung Nhan Huynh
Hanh My Huynh
Ngoc Thanh Huynh
Anh Cuong Huynh
Annie Huynh
Tai Huynh
Duc Muoi Huynh
Muoi Huynh
Anh Huynh
Amy Hwang
Lily Hwang
Carolynn Hynes
Bruno M. Iaboni
Novelia Iafrate
Luci Iannaci
Silvia M. Iannetta
Michelina Iannetta
Rose Iannetti
Angelo Iascone
Adoracion Ibanez
Susan Ibbetson
Neha Iftikhar
Ilana Tamari Associates
Jola Ilori
Sujin Im
Imperial Lifestyle Management
Isabella Infante
John M. Ing
Margaret Ingram
Andrew Insanally
Susan Ioannou
Annina Ionadi
Eleni T Ionides
Sheila Ip
Ipg Management Group Inc
Mohammed Iqbal
Matt Irving
Madison Irwin
Tara Irwin
Paul Isaacs
Ofelia Isabel
Rebecca Isenberg
Nadia Iskandar
Rachel Iskov
Anam Islam
Sreekaanth Isloor
Giuseppina Italia
Rob Italiano
Ivanhoe Cambridge Inc.
Catherine Jackman
Lara Jackson
Ross Gordon Jackson
Kenneth George Jackson
Manuel Jacob
Nancy Jacobi
Michael Jacobs
Teddy and Karin Jacobson
Marina Jacques
Suzanne Jaeger
Sindy Jagger
Sangita Jaggi
Suresh Chander Jaggi
Jamyang Jagotsang
Archit Jain
Mona Jamerlan
Donna James
Dorothy Anne Jamieson
Aroosa Jamil
Galit Janco
Mary L. Janigan
Rhonda May Jansen
Porjai Jansresattana
Fay J. Jardine
Adam Jasnich
Afsar Javaheri
Iva Jecmen
Aagash Jegatheeswaran
Irmgard Michele Jeisel
Jun Chuan Jen
Emma Jenkin
Ryan Jenkins
Butch Jenkins
Mari Jensen
Jessica Jensen
Winston Ji
Zhangceng Jiang
Maggie Jiang
Ashraf Jiwani
Saul Elijah Joel
Jonathan Joffe
Kirti Johal
Judith M. John
Dr. Gregory T. Johnson
Marlon Johnson
Verna Johnson
Krista Johnson
Edward Johnston
Mark L Johnston
Joan Johnston
Kevin Joldersma
Chris Jones
Roland Grant Jones
Samuel Jones
Donald Edward Jones
Phyllis Jones
Samantha Jones
Marian Jones
Maureen O. Jordan
William M. Jordeczka
Maila J. Jorge
Ruben Jorge
Jeffrey Joseph
Augustin Joseph
Flavianna Joseph
Ashok Joshi
Radmila Jovandin
Porfirio Juanane
Andrew Judelman
Daljinder Judge
Erisa Jung
Carol L. Jupiter
Victor J. Juska
Emma Kahansky
Noah Kahansky
Gurnoor Kahlon
Ethel Kaiserman
Kiyomi Kaiura
Esef Kalic
Zoe Kalmanson
Irene Kalogeropoulos
Paula Kalogritsas
Neha Kalsi
Michael Kam
Eric Kam
David Kandidatoff
Martin Ralph Kane
Dr. Brenda Kane-Cipin
Maria Kannu
Edmund Kanwischer
Daniel Kao
Kabunda Kapinga
Arielle Kaplan
Marcia Kaplanis
Khatija-Imaan Kara
Shaida A. Kara
Karen Ellement Accounting Services
Mahendra Karia
Negin Karimi
Audrey Karlinsky
Mohamed A. Karmali
Vadym Karpenko
Chester Karpowicz
Carolyn Karr
Michelle Karr
Pope Karras
Ananthen Karunakaran
Aaron Kashin
Raj Kashyap
Dahlia Kasimer
Konrad Kasprowicz
Sabrina Kassam
Joyce Kastanias
Anthony R. Katsuno
Dr. Joel Katz
Gilda Katz
Brandy Katz
Netta Kauder
Joy Kaufman
Jennifer Kaufman
Jenna Kaufman
Carla Kavazanjian
Karen Kayne
Deborah R. Kazakoff
Nazanin Kazemi
Sadagat Kazimova
Ahmed Hussain Kazmi
Wenbin Ke
Reginald Dennis Owen Keat
Carl I. Keddy
Janet Elaine Keefe
Marvin W. Keenan
Sarah Keenlyside
Kehren Family
Zirka Kelebay
Thomas P. Kelley
Linda Kellington
Lucie Kellough-Garrett
Frederick Kelly
David Kelly
John J. Kelly
Levar Kelman
Dr. David Kemp
Michael Kenigsberg
Gillian Kennedy
Jeff Kennedy
William David Kennedy
Kathy Kernohan
Robert Kerr
Jane Kerr
Jen Kervin
Dr. Larry Keshen
Risa Kessler
Elisabeth Kessler
Raymond Keyes
Yolanda Kha
Tin Tin Khaing
Mohamed Khaki
Sadia Khalid
Ahmed Khalil
Mohammed Razdar Khan
Mahmood M. Khan
Twiab Khan
Ashiqur Khan
Nasreen Khan
Rita S. Khan
Jeanette Patricia Khan
Bibi Zorida Khan
Madeeha Khan
Khadija Khan
Ashim Khemani
Janak Kumar Khendry
Nina Khizar
Juliet Khoury
Boen T. Khouw
Rhonda Kibrick-Lazear
Zoe Kichler
Lauren Kichler
Tanner Kidd
Michael L. Kilbride
Robert Kilgour
Killoran, CPA Tax and Accounting Services PC
Jaesung Kim
Soo Khee Kim
Soon Duk Kim
Yongboo Kim
Jeeyoung Kim
Keunsik Kim
Namjin Kim
Jessica Kimmel
Richard B. King
John W. King
Sandra J King
Julie Kinnear
Mary H. Kirk
Kirkor Architects and Planners
Sandi Kirschner
Brian Kirsh
Naomi Kirsh
Linda Kirshblum
Melissa Kirshenbaum
Shanna Kirshenblatt
Kate Kirvan
Ronald Kishi
Tania Kitchell
Ashok Krishnaji Kittur
Taira Kiyota
Paul Kizoff
Joseph Romuald Klama
Jonathan Klar
Silvana Klaric Boricic
Paulina Klasios
Charles H. Klassen
Gail Klebanoff
Walter Klein
Joelle Klein
Shelley L. Klepatz
Alan Kline
Stacey Kline
Christopher A. Klinger
Anne Niunia Knecht
Nichol Knez
Judith E. M. Knight
Ryan Knight
Colin H. Knight
Hailey Knopman
Kirsten Knowles
Hyangmi Ko
Siu Kuen Ko
Kenza Kobayashi
James Kobza
Fay Koch
Jean-Christian Koch
David Kochberg
Marshall H. Kochberg
Jaimie Kochberg-Ziv
W. Ada Kocinska
Marianne Koell
Robert Kofman
Kim Ying Pauline Koh-Ma
Michael Kohras
Gautham Kolla
Garry Kollins
Peter Koltun
Fahrettin Koluksuz
Kazimer Kondrachuk
Hin Wah Kong
Yvonne Korince
Ashley Korman
Jack Kornblum
Anna Korol
Carl Korte
Karen Koseck
Mary Ellen Koss
Natalia Evgenyevn Kotlyar
Sandeep Kotra
Paul A. Kott
Eric Koudstaal
Jeremy Kovac
Ronald J. Kowpak
Anne Koyama and Scott Mackenzie
Roger Kozak
Janice Kozuskanich
Antanas Vytas Krakauskas
John Kranyics
Wesley J. Krauman
Nelly Marie Kraus
Sarah Kreisman
Warren Kreitzer
Endrick H. Kreuter
Christos Krigas
Kanagasabai Krishnamoorthy
Arun Krishnamurti
Svetamir Kriz
Inna Krizhevsky
Stephen Kroll
Geralyn M. Krowles
Olga Kryukova
Ktchn Productions
Hsiao Feng Kuan
Sharon Kubicek
Balachandran Kulasekarampillai
Joselyn Kum
Subodh Kumar
Ravi Kumar
Shreyansh Kumar
Anand Kumar
Visalakshi Kumar
Kunjar Sharma & Associates Inc.
Corrigan Rong Kuo
Katie Kuperman
Andrew P. Kurek
Alley Kurgan
Susan Kurta
Mario Kusakawa
Henry K. Kusano
James Kutcy
Nerissa S. Kwan
Howard Kwan
Wai Sau Kwan
Alex Kwok
Kenneth Kwok
Yau Kit Kwok
Hang Kuen Kwok
Claudia Kwok
Francis Kwok
Peter Y. Kwong
Sui Lan Kwong
Fanny Kwong
Dun Sau Kwong
Karen Kwong
Sain Kyi
Elias Kyriacou
Eugenia Kyslyi
Ngoc Hung La
Jonathan La Greca
Dominic La Selva
Linh Lac
Paul Laffin
Linda J. Lafleur
Steve Lafleur
Fai Yu Lai
Alice Lai
Elaine Lai
Ivan K. Lai
Pui Yan Vicky Lai
Winnie Shiu Yee Lai
Paul Wing Keung Lai
Tiffany Lai
Zhi Xiu Lai
Erica Lai
Kammy Lai
Boris J. Laic
Sarah Laiken
Graeme Lake
Orlando Lakic
Karim Lallani
Khiem Lam
Amy Lam
Joan Lam
Tina Lam
David Lam
Mabel Lam
Margaret Luen-Fan Lam
Tim Lam
Khanh Thi Lam
Sing Shing Lam
Thi Huu Lam
Carmen Lam
Ellen Choi Ling Lam
Lynne Lamb
Susan Lambert
Vasil Petrov Lambrev
Edmond F. Lamek
Dr. Ian Lancashire
Florence E. Land
Nancy Anne Landreth
Eric Lang
Viola Lang
Andrea Langdon
Jeanne Lan-Kwet-Hian
Patrick Arthur Lanteigne
Ora Lantsman
Jeffrey Lanys
Ivy Lao
Gia Lam Lao
Nikola Lapenna
Hubert Albert Lapp
Dolores Larrier
John Larsen
Sharon Lassman
L Joseph Latham
Nabeela Latif
Zalina Latiff
Lily Latner Otis
Yuet Yee Lau
Clarence Lau
Fong I Lau
Loretta Wai Lan Lau
William Lau
Anne Lau
Kam Ping Lau
Siu Ngan Lau
Kate Lau
Shing Chow Lau
Vivian Lau
Giuseppe Lavalle
Thomas R. Laver
Eddie Lavian
Kathleen Lavin
Agnes Law
Kathryn Lawler
Lauren Lawrence
Stacey Lax
Dian Laycock
Godfrey C. Laylor
Hanh Thuy Le
Quoc Khanh Le
Sharron Le Blanc
Jill Le Clair
Claire Le Riche
Danny Leal
Gabriel Leal
Elaine Leang
Daniel LeBlanc
Samantha Lebofsky
Jessica Lebre
Faygie Lechter
Miriam Leder
Juliet A. Lederman
Sarah Ledo
Joel Lee
Pearl Lee
Monica Y. Lee
Roy Lee
Elsa Yu-Hsing Lee
Edwin Lee
Angela Lee
Bruce Lee
David M. Lee
Iris Lee
Jenny Lee
Joel Lee
Po Kau Lee
Steve Lee
Wen May Lee
William Y. Lee
Minseok Lee
Francis Lee
George Lee
Hee Ran Lee
Joyce Lee
Judy Lee
Lena Fung-Lin Lee
Rose Lee
Terence A. Lee
Lai Yung Lee
Oi Leung Lee
Amanda Sook Yee Lee
Julia Lee
Jung In Lee
Wayne Lee Pack
Carole Ann Legget
Andrzej Legienis
Veronica Lehmann
Vanessa Lei
Keith William Leigh
Francisco D. Leite
Karen Leiva
Carmelina Leli
Sarah Lengyel
Angelina Leofanti
Mary Ann C. Leon
Lillian Leong
Ernest Leong
Leo’S Textiles
Peggi LePage
Heather Lerner
Beverley J. Leslie
Carol Lesser
Jennifer Letsche
Sandra P. Lettieri
Joanna Lettieri-Zambri
Margaret Leung
McCelia Leung
Catherine Leung
Charles Leung
Clara Leung
Eddy Leung
Louise Leung
Sam Kee Sum Leung
Simon Leung
William Yin Leung
Ada Yuk Chun Leung
Morgan Cheung-Fat Leung
Kam Ping Leung
Anne Shao-Wen Leung
Grace Yuk-Lin Leung
Kai Chee Leung
Louis Shi Leung
Sara Ngai Yan Leung
Andrew N. Leung
Kobie Leung
Deanne C. Leuty
Dov Lev
Lara Lever
Roger Levesque
Dr. Susan Levin
Rebecca Levin
Elaine Carol Levine
Saul Levine
Amy Levine
Lauren Levine
Merle Z. Levine
Lola Leving
Susie Levitsky
Shelley Levitt
Sydney Levitt
Tara Levkoe
Lauren Levy
Michael S. Levy
Hilary Levy
L. Levy
Susan Levy
Victoria Levy
David Levy
Marlene F. Levy
Seymour Lewis
Albert V. Lewis
Robert V. Lewis
Rhonda Lewis
Reiner Eugen Leydolt
Eve Leyerle
Michelle Li
Aiyun Li
Christina Li
Jianhan Li
Min Li
Nancy (Yun) Li
Ping-Yu Li
Rebecca Li
Weiwei Li
Yao Li
Zu Pin Li
Feng Yun Li
Jui Hsia Li Tan
Amei Liang
Idalene K. Liang
Idalene Y. Liang
Qi Liang
Yan B. Liang
Hui Yi Liang
Yongyan Liang
Irene Yan Qing Liangdeyip
Sarah Libfeld
Marilyn R. Lidor
Sharon Liebesman
Richard Light
Patricia Lim
Albert Kah Lim
Wen Bin Lin
On Yee Lin
Jie Lin
Joanne Lin
Yu Lin
Yaming Lin
Paul Lin
Ronald Lind
Paul Lindala
Maxine Lindsay
Shazelle Lindsay
Joshua Ling
Celine Ling
Tania Lino
Terry Lipkus
Harvey Lipman
Brooke Lipman
Beverly Lipson
Paul Frank Liptak
Irving & Mrs. Nancy Lipton
Dina Lipton
Howard Lis
Barbara M. Lithwick
Philies Nina Lithwick
Barbara Lithwick
Robert W. Little
Donald Edwind Little
Wendy Liu
Miu Yee Liu
Cecilia Xuan Liu
Yong Mei Liu
Corina Liu
Erin Liu
Ying Kit Liu
Cho Hsiang Liu
Yin You Liu
Live Your Dream Campaign
Living and Healing Connections
Dorothy Livingston
Jack David Livingston
Berta I. Liwak
Delia Osmillo Llena
Philip Lloyd
Joan V. Lloyd
Dana Lm
Sook Jing Lo
Christina L. Lo
King Wai Lo
Kwok Lo
Phoebe Lo
Hsiu-Lan Lo
Catherine Lo
Megan Loach
Deodath Loach
Phil and Jean Locke
Kenneth Lockwood
Cathy Locurto
Richard H. Loewen
Shui-Chi Christina Lo-Fork
Donald L. Lofranco
Michael Lograsso
Vyn Gie Loh
Chin Pang Lok
Onofrio Lombardo
Abigail Lomboy
Marnie London
Lydia London
Michael Long
John J. Long
Ing-Shang Look-Yee
Gabriel J. Lopez
Maria Lopreiato
David Lorber
Rosa Lorusso
Marjorie Lott
Qi Feng Lou
Mary Lougheed
S. Thomas Louie
Hui-yen Sam Louie
Brad Lounds
Violet M. Lount
Cheryl Louzado
Harrison Lowman
Shu Lu
Dr. Yong Lu
Thi Bach Mai Lu
Yan Lu
Hong Nghi Lu
Yun Qiao Lu
Heming Luan
Ruthann Lubin
David Lubin
Jonathan Lucas
Alisha Lucchese
Mario Luceno
Vincenzo Lucia
Rosanne Luckevich
Reva Luft
Mark Lugowski
Ka Ka Kendra Lui
Hilda Lui
Stella Luk
Tiffany M. Luk
Susan Lung
Patricia Lunney
Annita Luo
Kingsley Luo
Manh N Luong
Manh N. Luong
Jessica Luong
Vi Chieu Luong
Tai Luong
Chris Luttrell
Chanh Luu
Linda Luu
Minh Luu
Ngoc Huu Luu
Nhan Luu
Mai Ly
Boi Linh Ly
Quang Ly
Irene Ly
Robert Lynam
Geoffrey Lynch
George E. Lyons
Colette Lyttle
Genti M
Debbie Ma
Hau Yu Ma
Michelle S.Y. Ma
Tulan Ma
Miaoxia Ma
Wendy Hei-Fung Ma
Ron Ma
Khai Ma
Stephanie Maar
Julie MacArthur
Karen MacCon
Patricia Macdonald
Jean Macdonald
Mary Catherine MacDonald
Carole Ann Macdonald
Stuart MacDonald
Norman Robert MacDonald
Joy MacDonald
Judith A. Macdonald
Lennis R. Macfadyen
Margaret MacFarlane
Alfredo M. Machado
Maria Machado
Juan Kevin Samuel Macias lopez
A Jane Mackay
Richard Alexander Mackenzie
John Mackie
Stephen Macleod
Erin Macleod
Paul MacMahon
Ryan MacMillan
Daniel F. MacMullin
Vivian MacNeil
Macpherson Toy House
John Madden
Michael J. Madigan
Noe Magana
Louise Magee
Doreen Magerman
Astra Maggiacomo
Sucheta Mago
Meenakshi Mahadevan
Nityanand S. Maharaj
Nasir Mahmood
Medea Mahmoudian
Van Chung Mai
Ly Thi Mai
Mai Medical Health Centre
Alexandra Main
Mainstay Insurance Brokerage Inc.
Luigia Maira
Bernardo Majano
Swapna Majumdar
Wing Kar A. Mak
Linda Mak
Kelvin Mak
Sima Makan
Christine Maki
Zenaida V. Malakas
Margot Jane Malchuk
Linda Malek
Mohammad Yousaf Malik
Fiza Malik
Rasheeduddin Malik
Ana Maljkovic
Monica J. Malkus
Daniella Mallinick
Elena Mammoliti
Iris Man
Berenice Mandelcorn
Lauren Mandell
Tali Manfredi
Jose Mangles
Samantha Manis
Danielle Manis
Eric Mann
Joseph Manner
Jane Manning
Rudolf Manook
Sonia Manson
Maryam Mansouri Hurst
Sonia Manzon
Susan Manzone
Naveed Manzoor
Augustine C. Mao
Ernesto A. Marcelo
Evan March
Natalia Marchenko
Catena Marchesano
Andy Marchewka
Denis Marchin
Joel S. Marcus
Joseph R. Marek
Ruth Margel
Matthew Margulies
Vito R. Mariani
Alexandra Marijan
Amelia P. Marin
Guy Marini
Athanasios Marinis
Senthilkumaran Markandu
Ian Markham
Claire Markham
Kerri Marks
Candace Marks
Justin Marks
Josh Marks
Claire Markus
Martin Markus
Norma Lydia Maronese
Efren B. Marquez
Larry Marr
Olga Marrese
Catherine Marrion
Filippo Marsala
James E. Marshall
Eric Marshall
Lia Marson
Herb Martin
Anna Martin
Jamie Martin
Rosanne Martin
Suzanne Cates Martin
Kristian Martin
Marie Martin
Sarah Martin
Erika Martinez
Shawn Martins
Tina Martyn
Kim Mason
Kimberley Mason
Muhi Masri
Mani Master
Mohsin Master
Shannon Masters
John Mastoras
Elizabeth Mastrangelo
Remo Matassa
Mary Dale Matheson
Donna Matheson
Franklin Mathewson
Anil Mathur
Fern Matlin
Guilherme H Matos
Matrix Electronics Limited
Margaret Matsuba
Julia Matthews
Sabrina Mattiucci
Roger Mattiussi
Hayley Matus
Diane Matus
Poon Mau
Daniel Mau
Michael Maunder
Ryan Maxwell
Carole May
Hannah May
Leonard R. Maybury
Arielle Mayer
Sonia Mayer
Maria Gladys Mayorga
David Henry Mazumdar
Vittorio Mazzoli
Emmanuel C. Mba
Leslie R Mcafee
Maureen McAlpine
Stuart McBurnie
Antoinette McCabe
Ann Marie McCabe
Lynne McCabe
Jennifer McCallum
Barry McCartan
John F. McCleary
Kathleen Joanne Mccleary
Brian Kent Mcclelland
Ronald Wilson Mcclelland
Mary G. McClymont
Gaynor Mcconnell
Elaine Mccormack
Vicki McCracken
Heather McDonald
Karen McDonald
Robert J. McDonald
James Malcolm McDougall
Mike McElroy
Christopher & Loretta McEvilly
Clare W. Mcewan
Heather A. McFadden
Kathy McGee
Ryan McGrade
Kenneth McGrail
Sasha McGrath
Laura McGrath
Maggie McGroarty
Peter McHale
Scott McIndless
Amy McIntosh
Dr. Julie J. McIntyre
Katherine McKay
Matthew McKay
Eric McKee
David McKenna
Joyce F. McKenzie
Pearl Enata Mckenzie
Robert Mckenzie
Lisa McKeown
Mavis McKernan
Elizabeth McKibbin
Dorothee McKinlay
Jane McKinnon
Denise McKinnon-Frew
Patrick G. McKitterick
Linda E. McKnight
Melanie Mclachlan
Louise McLaren
Judith C. McLaren
Naomi J. McLaughlin
Robert Bruce Mclean
Steven McLean
Laura McLellan
Carol McLennan
M. Theresa McLeod
Ellen McLeod
Lisa McManus
Charles Craig McMullin
Claire McNevin
John David McPhail
Mary McPherson
Doug McPherson
Campbell R. Mcqueen
Rob McRae
Elise Mecklinger
Kailee Mecklinger
Angelo Ferreira Medeiros
Sara Medeiros
Patricia Meek
Dolly Mehra
Mansi Mehta
Felicity Mei
Brian A. Meighan
Geoffrey Melbourne
Ilana Melcher
Mary Meldrum
Lina Mele
Mariana Melo
Garry D. Melville
Wendy Melvin
Robert Menard
Marc Menard
Barbara Mendelsohn
Roslyn Mendelson
Michael A. Menzies
Shemin Meralli
Edward L. Mercer
Julie M. Mercure
Saverio Mercurio
Roger Meredith
Lindy Meshwork
Ryan Messere
Ozgur Mete
Lisa Metrikin
Rita Mezzavilla
Anne Miao
Adriana Micanovic
Guurtje Miccolis
Giuseppe Micelotta
Maria Micelotta
Carl Michaelis
Fran Michaels
Jamie Michaels
Meredith Michetti
Teresa Michienzi
Brenda Miculan
Faten Mikhail
Natasha Miklaucic
Albert H. Milchem
Lori Miles
Toby Marcy Milian
Mary E. Miller
Cheryl Miller
Marie Miller
Robert Miller
Mary E. Miller
Eryn Miller
Julia Miller
Aziza Miller
Bartley Charles Miller
Rachel Miller
Donna M. Milligan
Eleanor Millman
Michael Millns
Connor Milne
James Milonas
Alison Milward
Tamara Mimran
Heather Mincer
Julie Mindel
Helen Mindel
Eden Minhas
Joseph Miniaci
Pedro Ferreira Miranda
Shereen Mir-Jabbar
Sunil Mistry
Katarzyna A. Miszczyk
Utsav Mital
Terrence Mitchell
Thomas J. Mitchell
Carlie Mitchell
Rajat K. Mitra
Tim Mitra
Mittson Carrier
Akari Miyakawa
Michiko Mizoguchi-Shimizu
Paul Yiu-Kwong Mo
Samuel Mo
Sahil Modi
Catherine Moelker
Pasha Moezzi
Jeanne Moffat
Charles Edward Moffat
Wazir Mohamed
Amin Mohamed
Erfan Mohammadzadeh
Qasim Mohiuddin
Farzana Mohsin
Lauren Moir
Maria Mok
Grace Mok
Eric Wing-Chung Mok
Hyeeun Mok
Rianne Mollart
Ghee-Ean Mong
Marisa Montanari
Almerinda Monte
Alan Montgomery
Dr. Jennifer P. Moore
James R. Moore
Dianne E Moore
Walter James Moore
Francis Moore
Stephanie A. Morano
Jennifer Morden
Donna Moreault
Nancy Morgan
Catherine Morgan
Emily D. Morino
Deep Morjaria
Bryan Morris
Kathie Morris Wood
Donald Morrison
John Morrison
Maylene Eleanor Morrison
Leslee Morrison
Damiano Morrone
Laura Alexandra Morrs
Philip Andrew Morse
Cory Mortenson
Mortgage Outlet Inc.
David Morton
Dylan Moscovitch
Cindy Moser
Andrew Mostofizadeh
Rhonda Mostyn
Rose Marie Mota
Emilio Mozo
Simon Mucalov
Ashton Mugabe
Esther M. Mui
Dipendra Nath Mukherjee
Aishwarya Mulbagal
Michael James Muldoon
John M. Muldoon
Patricia Ann Mullan
Ariel Muller
Doris Muller
Bertie Mullings
Hailey Mullock
Roman Werk Mulugetta
Sarah Munn
John Murgesco
Barbara Murney
Joan Murphy
Kathy Murphy
Bridget Ann Murphy
Katherine Murray
Michael Mushet
Anam Mustafa
Roderick C. Mutch
Shelley A. Mutch
Chris Mutton
Jennifer Myers
Kenneth Myers
Dulin Polly Mykoo
Salman Nader
Manokaran Nadesu
Balasarath S Nagarajah
Hazel Nagee
Rajinder Nagra
Sivasivapillai Naguleswaran
Michelle Nagy
Mossammat Nahar
Sarah Nahmias
Pratibha Naik
Shari Naipaul
Sue S. Nakagawa
Purnima Namati
Palak Nandra
Meenu K. Nanwani
Jaipaul Naraine
Rose Marie Natalie
Marie Natalie
Ravi Natarajan
Nicole Nathan
Allan Nathan
Marie Natscheff
Grecia Navarrete
Jessica Naves Gladman
Muhammad Nawaz
Judith Neal
Amer Neely
Ronald Nefsky
Gaurav Negi
E. Diane Neil-Pollinger
Pablo Neiman
R. Jack Nelson
Phyllis Nemers
Dr. Gillian Nesbitt
Ruth Ann Nesbitt
Gianluca Nesci
Tomer Nets
Dianne Neubauer
Ruth Neuburger
Irene Newton
Sophie Lai H. Ng
Cathy Ka Wai Ng
Wing Kai Ng
Chak Nang Ng
Chik Ngor Ng
Henry H. Ng
Aimee Ng
Remick Lai Mei Ng
Vincent Ng
Victoria Ng
Dante Ng
Soo Ping Ng
Wenzie Ng
Yim Lan Ng
Suk Chon Ng
Siu Fong Ng Chui
Grace Kei Ngan
Tam Ngo
Chyang P. Ngo
Van Dong Ngo
Hazel Ngo
Don-Le Ngo
My Ngo
Vanna Ngo-Nguyen
Chi-Dung Nguy
Anh Nguyen
Elsie Nguyen
Lan-Fuoc Nguyen
Loc Nguyen
Nga Nguyen
Phuoc Nguyen
Thi-viet Thuy Nguyen
Huong Thi Nguyen
Chanh Nguyen
Chieu Thi Nguyen
Danh T Nguyen
David Nguyen
Lam Thanh Nguyen
Emily Nguyen
Le Thuy Duong Nguyen
Niagara Group of Industries Inc.
Amelia Niamath
Kathy Nicholaichuk
Brenda Nichols
Shannon Nichols
Lee I. Nicolaidis
Nancy Nielsen
Hendrik Nieuwland
Nike Canada
Nina Spencer & Associates
Joseph Sai-Cheong Ning
Frank Nishimura
Felix Casuga Nisperos
Arlene Noble
Linda K. Noble
Hailey Nolan
Ambreen Noman
Jayden Nong
Sidik Osman Noormohamed
Pardis Nooshin
Steven Norman
Morris Norman
Lawrence A. Noronha
Susan M. Norris
Helen Elizabeth Norris
Lesley Elaine North
Northbridge Financial Corporation
Audrey M. Northey
Antonio Noto
Kivor Notton
Charles Novogrodsky
John B. Nunzi
Jesse Nusbaum
Judy Nusinowitz
William Ó Cuinn
Gina Oades
Collin Oakes
Mardi Obadia
Christopher O’Brien
Matthew O’Brien
Andy O’Brien
Janet O’Brien
Nancy Tagavilla Ocampo
Sharon Ocampo-Chan
Eileen Helena Marie O’Connor
Susan Patricia O’Connor
Rosemary O’Donnell
John O’Grady
Joan Ogunyowa
Ron Ohagan
Ron O’Hagan
Dikran Ohannessian
Michael P. O’Hara
Barbara M. Ohi
Tessa Ohlendorf
Tom Ohrling
Lynnette Ruth Oja
Ireti Ojo
Asami Okusawa
Lisa Olfman
Philip Olin
Stephanie Olin-Chapman
Edmundo Oliveira
Rose Oliver
Sabrina Oliver
Laurence Michael Olivo
Mike Olivo-Moore
Lia Ollo
Gerard O’Loughlin
Cleve O’Malley
Edna Martha O’Malley
Jean O’Neil
Emilie Ong
Danilo O. Ongtangco
Lois J. Ono Suttaby
Meaghan Onorato
Jessica Ooi
Vivin Oommen
Olena Opalko
Abudhardha Opu
Shayla Orenstein
Mark J. Orland
Stacey O’Rourke
Terrence C. Orr
Judy Orr Lawrence
Giovanni Orsi
Vanda M. Orsini
Carmen Luz Ortiz
Naomi Orzech
Vivienne Osen
Alison Oshinsky
Derek W. Osmond
Michael J. Ostro
Jackie Ostro
Matt O’Sullivan
Niamh O’Sullivan
Lorraine Otis
Stacey Otis
Shao Mian Ou
Danica Ovcaric
Kazuko I. Overend
Mariah Owen
John T. Owens
Teofila Dataro Oxinio
Vivian Oystrick
Gurcharan Singh Pabla
Gabriel Pacheco
Clara Pacitti
Peter Paczynski
Grace Padua
Nazim A. Pagdiwala
Eardley A. Page
Ofelia Paglinawan
Derek Pailing
Andy Cheung-Fai Pak
Un Soo Pak
Nicholas Palacio
Sherry Palef
Noreen Ellen Palley
Deborah Palloway
Frank William Palmer
Cynthia V. Palmer
Milena Palmisano
Sven Paloheimo
Cui Ping Pan
Wen Pan
Maria Panaro
Maryam Pandi
Natalia Pang
Estella N. Pangalilingan
Marina Panourgias
Ana Pantic
George Papadakos
Melissa Papaleo
Nick Pappas
Sari Papular
Caitlin Paquette
Leslie Parada
Joanne Helen Parisotto
Min Kyu Park
Ethan Park
Jin Park
John Park
Heung Joon Park
Jai Parkash
Francesca Mallin Parker
Judith Parker
Wendy Parker
Donald Parker
Elaine Parker
Edgar A. Parker
Jessie Park-Wheeler
Bill Parnaby
Alice C. Parris
Paul G. Parsons
Spencer Partridge
Sybil Pascoe
Alain Passenaud
Summer Pasternak
Monica Pauline Pasutto
Patricia Grace Paszti
Kantibhai H. Patel
Vishal Patel
Ankit Patel
Ritaben Vijaykumar Patel
Sunil & Kaushika Patel
Nidhi Patel
Shaileshkumar D. Patel
Rameshbhai Chhotabhai Patel
Pradnaya Pathak
Brijesh Patra
Philip E. Pattenick
Mollie Patterson
Katie Patterson
David Pau
Jonathan Paul
Michael Paul
Chad Paulin
Adolfo Paulo
Aldolfo Paulo
Aristos Pavlides
Pay Paw
Romuald Pawluczyk
Ian S. Pearson
Lee Pearson and Gail Whiteside In Honour Of Kathy Dube
Douglas Ralph Pearson
Genevieve Pearson
Retha M. Peart
Mary Pecaut
Sarah Pecaut
Rebecca Pecaut
Lindsey Peconi
Rui C. Pedrosa
Bruce Edward Peer
Pegasus Dance Studios
Nadia Pejic
Qiuliang Peng
Crystal Peng
Melodie Peng
Stephanie Pennal
Claudette G. Pennesi
Dr. Derek Penslar
Natasha Penzo
Antonio Pereira
Leonardo J. Pereira
Antonio Pereira
Nicholas Pereira
Theresa Pereira
Dale Perigoe
Marilyn Perlman
Paula Perlmutar Oretsky
Marco Perri
Carol A Perrin
Samantha Perrin-Dakin
Gilles Joseph Perron
Genevieve Peters
John Peterson
Kathryn Peterson
Lola Deloris Petgrave
Amanda Peticca
Annette Petitpas
Svetlana Petlaha
Liz Petrova
Patricia Petti
Ashrafalsadat Peyghambary
Pfaff Automotive Partners
Donald F. Phalen
Vân Pham
Quang Van Pham
Thi Tham Pham
Kathy Pham
Nguu Nu Phan
Phyllis E. Phillip
Margaret Edith Phillips
Mary K. Phillips
Sharleen Phillips
Newton Chun-Cheong Phoon
Howard Barry Pichosky
Howard Pichosky
Pickering Property Developments Limited
Doris Pickles
John Picone
Clayton L. Pidgen
Michael Pieczonka
Rachel Pietraszek
Giacomo Pietropaolo
Patricia Pilsmaker
David Pinard
Louis Leone Pinarello
Josie Pini
Todd Pinsky
Domingos Pinto
Mark Pioro
Jeannine Piotrowski
Christine Pirraglia
Nick Pistilli
Chip Pitfield
Vinell Amabelle Pitt
Pablo Pizarro
Gerardus Antonius Plasman
Nick Plavac
Anton Plitko
Christopher Pluch
Steven Plunkett
Stan Podwin
Lynda Pogue-Kerr
David Poitevin
Jaroslav Polak
Polaris Dental
Sarah Pollock
Peter Pollock
Stephen Pollock
Nicole Pollock
Kathleen Polsinello
Maria M. Ponte
Luis Pontes
Arthur Stewart Ponton
Anthony R. Poole
Julie Poole
Mabel Poon
The PoonMau Family
Nora Pope
Josephine Pornillos
Carol L. Porter
Sheila Porter
Gary Stephen Posen
Diana Potts
Frank P. Pour
Emily Povolo
Anne Powell
Hannah Powell
Christopher Powell
Claudette K. Powell
Karen Powers
Peter Prager
Tyrral Gail Prashker
Patel Pratixa
Gordon Precious
George A. Preger
Angela Juliet Prehay
Rudolph A Prendergast
Carolyn Prentice
Lori Press
Sally Press
Sheila Pressick
Genevieve Presutti
Joseph Prete
Angelo Nicola Prezioso
Don Proctor
Jenni Prodanovic
Savernia Profiti
Promax Accounting Inc.
Rachel Prowse
Htun (Family) Pru
Melissa Prusky
John Pryor
David W. Ptolemy
Gursharan Singh Puar
Rudi W. Puddicombe
Daria Pugach
Assunta Puglielli
Joanne Pukier
Ken Puley
Ross D. Pulford
H. Christopher Pulley
Raul Pumber
Alan Purdy
Purple Giraffe Inc.
Purves Redmond Limited
Dana Pylypiw
Jennifer Pynn
Zhiying Qian
Xin Qiu
Ye Qiu
Xiaoling Qiu
Yutong Qu
Yawar Quadir Amin
Ivor E. Quaggin
Cung Le Quan
Juliette Quelhas
Amy Quick
Niall Quilter
Josefina Quintanilla
John Quirke
Pamela E. Quiroga
Alberto Quiroz
R & J Concepts Inc.
Monique Rabideau
Max Rabkin
Salya Rabow
Vincenzo Racano
Youssef Rachid
Dragica Radicevic
Margaret Radley
Marija Radovan
Jenn Radovitzky
Susan Rae
Jason Raheb
Mohammad Rahman
Lynn J. Raitt
Indira Raj
Sunil Raj
Mark A. Rajkumar
Sonia M Rakchaev
Elizabeth Ralbosky
Colin Ralph-Edwards
Ramadas Ramachandran
Tamara Rambaran
Dara Rames
Renu Ramji
Sarah Ramkalawan
Debbie Ramkerrysingh
Omattie Rampersad
Shaneeta Ramsaroop
Susan Ramsarup
Medhat Ramsees
Joan Randall
Edith Jennifer Randall
Jared Randall
Hilary Randall-Grace
Vincent Randazzo
Gurpal Singh Randhawa
Sharanjit Kaur Randhawa
George Rangayah
Julie Ranger
James S. Rankin
Satish Rao
Emily Rapley
Bruce E. Rapley
Jose Antonio Raposo
Anna Raposo
Javed Rasool
Aysan Rasooli
Sandra Rasson
Houman Rastegarfar
Gobega Ratha
Gobega Rathakrishnan
Brian J. Ray
Jim C. Rayburn
Shane Rayman
Remedios Raymundo
Barbara Anne Read
Elspeth Read
Christine Read
Tamara Rebick
Eugenia Rechetov
Lia Reed
Dionne Reelis
Miranda Reeves
Ernest W. Regehr
Fay Reid
William F. Reid
Patricia M. Reid-Taylor
Alex Reil
Katie Reinert
Fernando Reis
Craig Reith
Giuseppe Remigio
Zarin Remtulla
Ruane Remy
William Reno
Renson Transport
Elizabeth Renwick
Lincoln Von Resende
Belinda L. Reyes
David Reyes
George Harold Reynolds
Chad Reynolds
Rhythm Dance Studio
Susy Ribeiro
Antonio Ribeiro
Ines Ribeiro Canella
Vernon Rice
Veronica Richards
Joy Richards & Salvatore Hasson
Kathy Richardson
Ilana Richer
Michelle Richer
Ian Richler
Franklin Richmond
Sheila Rider
Joyce E. Riettie Mirjah
Adrienne Rigler
Sonam Rinchen
Lisa Ritchie
Heather Ritchie
Michelle Rival
Joe Rivietz
Melissa Rizek
Syed M. Rizvi
Anna Maria Rizza
Margaret Robbins
Doina V. Roberts
Caitlin Roberts
Alwyn Robertson
Deborah Robertson
Christine Robeson
Ronald J. Robichaud
Jillian B. Robins
Robins Appleby Charitable Foundation
Bruce Robinson
Dianne M. Robinson
Franklin H. Robinson
Ronald N. Robinson
Thomas A. Robinson
Barbara A. Robinson
Joanna Robinson
Carole Roblin
Corey Rochkin
Rammy Rochman
James E. Rockett
Sharon M. Rodd
Lisa J. Rodin-Gardner
Michael Alfred Rodrigues
Grant D. Roebuck
Chrissy Roebuck
Mireille Roffe
Camille Rogers
Shannon Rogers
Joanne Roher
Ian Roher
Paula Romanin
Anthony Romano
John J. Romano
Sandra L. Romano
Stephanie Romano
Alexa Romanoff
Alexis Romanoff
Carol Romanoff
Romanovsky & Associated LLP
Roma’s Hospitality Centre
Linda Romito
Mary June Rom-Roginski
Pamela Yvonne Rooke
Lauren Rose
Molly Rose
David Rosen
Dawn S. Rosen
Josh Rosen
Ian Rosen
Stan Rosen
Shay Rosen
Georgina Rosenberg
Martin Rosenberg
Shiela Rosenblatt
Daron Rosenbusch
Alan M. Rosenfield
Cynthia R. Rosenthal
Carol Rosenthall
Samantha Rosenzweig
Carolyn Ross
Marilyn Ross
Robert J. Ross
L. Paula Ross
Oriana Rossi
John R. Rossiter
Marta Rotchtin
Carly Rotenberg
Jordana Rotenberg
Meredith Anne Roth
Leora Roth
Joel Mark Rotstein
Jane Rowan
Kathleen D. Rowe
Oliver C. Rowe
Rosalia P. Roxas
Basanti Roy
Jacqueline Roy
David Rozin
Fang Fang Ruan
Ludovico Ruberto
Jonathan M. Rubes
Philip Rudolph
Rudy’s Cakes Inc.
Bruna Ruggiero
Bibi Rehana Rujeedawa
Calogero Rumeo
Gurcharan Rup Roy
Stanley M. Rusin
Mary Russell Dow
Alice-Betty Rustin
Ruth Pettle Wellness Centre
Anne Ryan
David John Rycroft
Zahraa Saab
Saberin Saad
Marianne Joyce Saavedra
Silvana Saballos
Pratibha Sabari
Ayoola Sabitu
Kelly Sable
Katherine P. Sabo
Kathy Sabo
Sandra Sabo
Shaunt Sabounji
Jane Elizabeth Saccoccia
Amedeo Saccone
Harriet Sachs
Perwin Saeed
Zaid Saeed Kamil
Camilo Saenz
Karima Safi
Chitta Saha
Utsha Saha
Gaggandeep Sahota
Martin Saipe
Dennis & Carol Sakamoto
Thomas Saks
Andre Salama
Ilse Salazar
Bilal Saleemi
Giuseppe Salerni
Cristina Salerno
Vida Salna
Erin Salonen
Devorah Salsberg
George Saltzberg
Lawrence Jeffrey Saltzman
Teresita Salvador
Liza Salvador
Irene Salvani
Lydia Salvi
Cristina Salvo
Bruno Sama
Leyla Samiee
Ivan Samson
Gilad Samuel
Jonathan Samuel
Sheba Samuels
Lino Sanchez
Cristobal Sanchez-Rodriguez
Keely Sandala
Jasleen Sandhu
Ellen Sandler
Ryla Sandor
Mansher Sangha
Balwinder Sangha
Jivanjyot Sanghera
Chawee Sangkapichi
Gaetano Nino Santangelo
Belinda Santiago
John F. Santos
Erlinda Yulin Santos
Luis Alberto Santos
Sue Sapienza
Jose B. Saraiva
Allison Saretsky
Soundus Sarfraz
Alice Faye Sargent
Anthony Sargent
Lorne Sarmiento
Kayoko Saso
Sanjay Sathyanarayan
Ramya Satyanarayana
Joanna Saul
Harvey S. Savage
Raquel B. Savatti
Yaroslav Savchuk
Robert Paul Savlov
Deena Savlov
George Sawicki
Ismail A. Sayyad
Roy Scaini
Ofelia Scarcelli
Antonio Scarlato
Anna Scavuzzo
Bobbi Schachter
Adam Schachter
Jennifer Schacker
Sara Schacter
Debra Schacter
Steve Schafer
Melissa Schapira
Jodi Schechter
Francis Scherer
Ronald Schesnuk
Eva Schifman
Gloria Schmed-Scott
Dennis Schmelzer
Gloria Schmidt
Grier Schmidt
Philipp Schnaase
Andre D. Schnell
Hailey Schnier
Alison Schofield
Kay Schonberger
C. D. Schouten
Lorynne Schreiber
Norbert Schulze
Carolyn Schwartz
Linda Schwartz
Martin Schwartz
Ellen Schwartz
Stacey Schwartz
Donald Schwartz
Karen Schwartz
Daniel A. Schweitzer
Robin Schwill
Guy Sciarrillo
Vincenzo E. Sconza
Alex Scopacasa
Donald Scott
Heather Scott
Elizabeth Scott
Robert Scott
Tara Joscelyn Scott
Gordon Scott
Leslie Scrivener
Geoffrey B. Seaborn
Shauna L. Seabrook
Kevin Seabrooke
Stephanie Seabrook-Hergott
Margaret Seal
Nancy Searl
Stephanie Seaton
Mark Sebastian
Tyson Seburn
Kristina Seca
Bita Sedaghat
Jane Seed
Dennis Seeley
Lori Seeton
Leslie Segal
Suzanne Seguin
Michael Seidman
Marilyn Mary Seigel
Rachel Sekler
Paula Seligman
Seligman & Associates Ltd.
Loganathan Sellathurai
Dr. Sharon Selmen
Kala Selvadurai
Selvadurai Selvarajah
Jyoti R. Sengupta
Roman R. Senkus
Noel Sequeira
Maria Sermer
Vanessa Servin
Marc Servitje Bosch
Shui Jan Seto
Chia Yu Seto
Barbara R. Sexton
Stan Shabason
Sarah Shadowitz
Rana Shafi
Behrooz Shafiei
Varsha Shah
Daksha S. Shah
Chandrakant J. Shah
Abu Shaharia
Adina Shainhouse
Guolan Shan
Yan Hui Shan
Judith Shapero
Lori Shapero-Press
Devorah Shapiro
Robyn Shapiro
Elaine Shapiro
Sam N. Shapiro
Debbie Sharabany
Zoe Share
Abdul Razik Shareefdeen
Ariella Sharf
Sahel Sharifymoghaddam
Niraj K. Sharma
Akshay Sharma
Amar Sharma
Rukmanand Sharma
Maureen Shaughnessy
Sandra M. Shaul
Joanne M. Shaw
Tanyss Shaw
Dalton M. Shaw
Geri Shaw
Audrey Pearl Shaw
Rupert Shea
Robert Sheaffer
Debra Shecter
Zehra Sheerazi
Andra L. Sheffer
Hasan Sheikh
Batool Sheikh
Rizwana Sheikh
Michal Shekel
Lorie Shekter-Wolfson
Sharyn Shell
Donghui Shen
YiLin O. Ochen
Penny Shen
Wensi Sheng
Tracy Shepherd
Laurel G. Sherlock
Alex Sherman
Robert Michael Sherring
Xianwen Shi
Deborah Shields
Gary R. Shiff
Carole Shiffman
Diane Shiffman
Katie Shilletto-Hinton
Denise Shilling
Sue Shillow
Christine Shim
Lee Shim
Daniel P. Shimski
Katie Shipp
Anne Shlarp Mcarthur
David Shneider
Biplab Shome
Ricki Shore
Thelma Shore
Robert Shortly
Shirley A. Shortt
Amanda Shotton
Danielle Shoub
Rubina Shoukat
Jagdish Shrivastava
Jennifer Shulman
Steven Shulman
Elizabeth Shulman
Ching Yee Shum
Yajie Si
Lorene Siaw
Kevin Siccion
Umberto Siciliano
Carmelo Siciliano
Owais Siddiqui
Noman Siddiqui
Felicity Sidnell
Felicity Sidnell Reid
Nick Sidorkewicz
Janet Alice Siemash
Elise Sieradzki
Samuel Sieradzki
David Sieradzki
Joey Sieradzki
David Sills
Lillian S. Silver
Aliza Silverberg
Carrie Silverman
Patricia Simmonds
Samantha Simmons
Antonio A. Simoes
Shael Simon
Katarina Simons
Natalie Sloane Simonsky
Shirley Simpson
Emily Simpson
Suk Wah Sin
Francesco P. Sinapi
Candice Sinclair
Chu Chor Sing
Robin Singer
Heather Singer
Leslie Singer
Kali Singer
Bhag Singh
Rishpal Singh
Heera Singh
Chi-Hang Jonathan Sinn
Christopher J. Sinton
Sionna Investment Managers
Rosario Sirianni
Antonietta Sirianni
Adam Siskind
Susan Siskind
Kelly Siskind
Daye Sison
Daylan Sit
Hoi Leung Sit
Long Sithivong
Matthew G. Sitka
Matthew Sitka
Roslyn G. Sitzer
Kin Po Siu
Jenny K. Siu
Arulampalam Sivapalan
Runhild Siwak
Martin Gerald Skillen
Wayne Skinner
Hannah Skinner
Samantha Skolnik
Ivan A. Skomorowski
Jelisava Elizabeth Sladojevic
Jelisava Elisabeth Sladojevic
Gerald A. Slan
Peter Slan
Laura Slawson
Stacey Sleightholm
Michelle Sloan
Adrienne Slover
Daniel Slupeiks
Patricia Ann Slyne
Russell Brian Smale
Elizabeth Smaller
Clifford S. Smeall
Eleonora Smiciklas
Zuzana Smidova
Diane Smith
Donald Smith
Murray S. Smith
Carol Smith
Chloe Smith
David H. Smith
David Nelson Smith
Denise Smith
Gregory Smith
L. Marcia Smith
Mary Jane Smith
Alyssa J. Smith
Alyssa Smith
Donna Smith
Dr. Christina Smith
Paul Smith
Anna Smith
Danielle Smith
Wendy Smith-Heard
Grant Smth
Mary Smyth
Snapdragon Designs
Erkki Ilmari Snellman
Max H. Snider
Robert P. Snow
Marion E. Snyder
Fiana So
Alvaro P. Soares
Sam Soares
Nancy Soberano
Danuta Sobotta
Gurjeet Kaur Sohi
Jordan and Sandi Soll
Elizabeth Solomon
Shari Solomon
Elaine Solway
Abha Somani
Husain Somani
Harold Somer
Lucy Somer
David Somer
Renata Somers
Andre Somers
Issia Somlo
Zach Sommers
Ho-Soung Song
Sonic Auto House
Ivy Soo
Thelma Sookman
Andrew Sookrah
Craig Soper
Gabriel A. Soreanu
Galo Anival Soria
Barbara Soskin
Allison Sosnoski
Pedro Sotomayor
Aaron Sotto
Karen Soupcoff
Sylvia M. Soyka
Kelly Spadone
Jordan Sparks
Rachel Spence
Jennifer Lynn Spencer
Kristi L. Spencer
Theodore Spevick
Jennifer Spiteri
Carly Spragg
Edward Spratt
Sprout Collection Ltd.
Jennifer Squibb
Gwenneth Squires
Gurcharn J. Sra
Tina Srebotnjak
Satish Srivastava
Raymond St Jean
Esme St. Bernard
Robert C. Stacy
Beverly Stager
Eunice R. Stahls
Brooke Stal
Jennifer Stam
James Standen
Jacob Stanescu
Christine Stangenberg
Douglas Stanley
Danielle Stanley
Brian & Linda Stanyer
Kelly Stark-Anderson
Beth Starkman
Dr. Gordon Starkman
Lorne Ste Croix
Lorne Ste. Croix
Tonia Steck
Paul V. Steckham
Joan L Steenburg
Dr. Hendrik Steenland
Judy Steeves
Victoria Stein
Betty Stein
Lorne Stein
Randall Steinberg
Sheri Steinberg
Joseph Steinberg
Melanie Steinberg
Aurianne Steinman
Marcel Steinz
David Stephen
Kathryn E. Stephens
Helen Sterghiou
Anita Stern
Irena Stern
Helene Marie Stevens
Thomas A. C. Stevens
Francesca Stevens
Laura Stevenson
Andrew Stewart
Barbara Stewart
Olivia Stewart
Alexandra Stewart
Pansy H. Stewart-Brown
Sean Stichbury
Stilva Drain Service LTD
David Stirling
Marian Genevieve Stockley
Odetta Stoddard
Bryson Alfred Stokes
Jacqueline Stoller
Cedric Darrell Stone
Jordan Stopciati
Dalia Stopnicki
Linda Stork
Rose Stork
Judy Stoute
Antonio Stranges
Henry Strasser
Lauren Strasser
Ester Veronica Strasser
Sabrina Strasser
Sam Strasser
Harley E. Stratford
Kathleen Strausz
Michael S. Stroh
Miriam Alison Stroud
Eli Strzelecka
Barbara P. Stuart
Debra Stuart
Dianne M. Stuart
Emma Stuart-Kiss
Adamo Sturino
Carmen A. Suarez Medina
Hassam Sudally
Michael Sue
Victoria Sugarman
Christine Suh
Linda A. Sullivan
Mary Sullivan
Sabrina Sultana
Angela Julie Sultana
Eliza W. Sum
Emma Sun
Shirley B. Sun
Sun Kyu Sung
Jeong Sung
Jean Surridge
Sahi Sushila
Fern Sussman
Jillian Sussman
J. Leonard Sussman
Darren Sutherland
Erin Svara
Milan Svetek
Merrill K. Swain
David W. Swales
Michael S. Swartz
Joanne Sweeney
Joan Sweet
George Sweetman
Natalie Swiercz
Swee C. Syed
Marissa Sylver
Carol E. Szarga
Daliah Szechtman
Gabe Szobel
Jozsef Szolosi
Andrew J. Szonyi
Amanda Szpindel
Sandor Sztankovits
Gizella Szucs
Dr. John Michael Szul
Sue Szutu
Jenny Ta
Leon Tabak
William Tackey
Sheldon Taerk
Naveed Tagari
Soheil Taghikhani
Yukiko Taguchi
Gamal Taha
Abdullah Tahir
Mary Tait
Regan Takenaka
Domenic Talotta
Norman Talsky
Joseph Tin-Chu Tam
Helena Tam
Lucia Tam
Michael Tam
Kwok Tam
Kiyoe Tamashiro
Honoria Tamayo
Steven I. Tamlin
Hariklia Tampas
Sasipraphas Tamwichai
Michael Tan
Lisa Tan
Marian U. Tan
Maris T T. Tan
Chong-Yee Tan
Sharanya Tan
Eric Tanaka
Christian Tane
Carole Tanenbaum
Jodi Tanenbaum
Kit Tang
Carmen Tang
Irene Ngah Wiing Tang
Junxiang Tang
Kit Mui Tang
Yee Giar Tang
Margaret M. Tang
Bryan A. Tannenbaum
Rebecca Tannenbaum
Greg Tanzola
Emma Tao
Alexander Tapscott
Fajjar Tariq
Monica Tate
Barbara S. Tator
Siok Tay
Reid Taylor
Anita Taylor
Anita I. Taylor
Maugery H. Taylor
Kyle Taylor
Wei Tchao
Alem Berhe Tecklemariam
Lyle Teichman
Joel Teichroeb
Durvalina C. Teixeira
Michelle Tennen
Marko Teofanovic
Marvin Teperman
Andrew G. Tereshyn
Andrew Terplak
Gillian L. Tessis
Gillian L. Tessis-Shnier
Vito Testa
Joseph Testardi
Eleanor Heather Thachuk
Alfred Thai
Doodnauth Thakurdeen
The OSSTF Bargaining Unit At Uts
The Retired Teachers of Ontario District No. 26
Gokulan Thedchana
Velautham Thedchana
Karuththiruman Thevanantham
Maalavika Thevaraj
Saththian Thiruselvam
Vivian Thom
David Thompson
Lolita U. Thompson
Richard A. Thompson
Darla Thompson
David Thomson
Margot Thomson
Monika B. Thorley
James S. Thorman
Susan Thornham
John Thresher
Neelambikai Thuraisingam
Leila E. Thureson
Ryan Tian
Louie Tiano
Allison Tibando
Alexandra Tichinoff
Lorne B. Tick
Diana Tiessen
Ronald Till
Sheila L. Till
Teresita Desagun Timbol
Paul Timmins
June Marlene Tingey
Alfredo F. Tinio
Dayna Tinkham
Mr. Fedor and Mrs. Edie Tisch
Eugenia Marcela Tischler
Bailey Title
Jyoti Avdheshkumar Tivari
Anh Duy To
Elaine To
Grace L.M. To
Grace Lai Mui To
Ann To
Margarita D. Tobar
Mary Tod
Amy Todd
Patricia Todd
Cornelia Toderean
James Todorovski
Carol Toenjes
Helen Toliver
Phyllis Tolman
Kam H. Tom
Amelia Tong
Pauline Tong
Tella Tong
Arianne Tong
Aman Toor
Parna Torabian
Toram Contracting Inc.
Reynaldo C. Torio
Jamim A. Torres
Joyce Torrington
Dominic Totino
Louis J. Tourikian
Nicola Townend
Hacik Tozcu
Mai Que Trac
Lisa M. Tracey
Joanna Track
Michele Frances Trafford
Ngoc Tran
Chi Vien Tran
Dat Phu Tran
Son Dinh Tran
Nghi Tran
Nguyet Thi Tran
Quang Thien Tran
Amy Tran
Mai Tran
Ngan Le Tran
Lam Tran
Ngoc Phien Tran
Le Dieu Tran
Sandra Trask
Guilherme Trein
Robert J. Tremble
Esther Tress
James G. Trewhitt
Filomena Triassi
Hung Phuong Trieu
Alfred G. Trimble
Anh My Trinh
Meryl B. Trinidad
Judith A. Tripp
Paula Trossman
Etsyl A. Trotman
Robert E. Trowell
Kymberley Trumper
Huyen Truong
Jenny Truong
Landa Truong
Lang Anh Truong
Linda Nu Truong
Thi My Lai Truong
Donald Nicholas Truscello
Dr. Wendy Tsang
Ronald A. Tsang
Isaac Ching Kuen Tsang
Vivien Tsang
Anna Lai Wah Tsang
Roslyn Tsao
Demitreos Tsaparis
Wing Nang Alex Tse
Kwan Tse
Ada Tse
Alice Tse
Angela Tse
Susan Tse
Helen Tse
Ugen Tsering
Tenzin Tsondu
Vincent W. Tsui
Ho Ching Tsui
Edna Suk Ching Tsui-Cheng
Erlinda Torres Tua
Tuck Shop Trading Co. Limited
Madelina Tudorache
Massimo Tulli
Leslie Tumangday
Oren Turkienicz
Allison Turner
Diane Turner
James Leslie Turner
Vinette M. Turner
Ana Paula Turner
Bruno Turrin
Timothy Tutsch
Donna Tuttle
Michael Tweyman
TWL Law Professional Corporation
Rufino Evardone Ty
Elyse Tytel
Margaret Tytler
Anita Po Chu Tze
UK Online Giving Foundation
Ibrahim Umarwadia
Susan L. Ungar
University Health Network – FM-PRO Department
University Of Toronto – Faculty Of Information
Wayne Unruh
Stephen William Upton
Natalie Urbanc
Paul C. Uruski
Dora Usher
Luis Roberto Vaca
Maria D. Vacca
Joseph L. Vacheresse
Alina Vaida
Santhira D Vairavanathan
Harish Vaishnav
Algis J. Vaisnoras
Dasha Valakhanovitch
Arturo Fernandez Valdes
Gemma B. Valdes
Maria Aldora Valente
Odette Maria Valente
Donna Valikoff
Cathy Valin
Gloria Valle
Linda Van
Claire Van Boxmeer
John R. Van Burek
John P. Van Den Hengel
Ingrid Van Der Zande
Margaret Vanderwel
Dr. Leonard I. Vanek
Peeter Vanker
Arnold Leonard Varah
Antonio Varano
Kush Varma
Larry Vasiliadis
Monika Vaskova
Jose Mauricio Vasquez
Philomena Vaswani
Katherine Vavilova
Giselle Vazquez
Steven W. Veale
Andrea Vearncombe
Rosa Vecchiarelli
Charlotte Velazco
Marilyn O. Velicaria
Veljko Velickovic
Ravi N. Vellanki
Ranee Veneracion
John Venetas
Teresa Ventresca
Dorothy A. Verbuyst
Ela Veresiu
Irena Veronese
Peter Verri
Vertex Consulting Group
Anna Vetro
Lorena Claudia Vicente
Lorraine Vicente
Nicholas Victoria
Dionisio Manuel Vieira
Antonio S Vieira
Joanne Vieira
Thieu Vien
Erica Viezner
Muralie Vignarajah
Ponniah Vigneswaran
Joseph Vigo
Sonia Esther Vilche
Paola Vilche
Faustino Inovero Vilchez
Deborah Villeneuve
Kristen Vinakmens
Kate Viner
Christine Vinette
Peeranut Visetsuth
Roula Visram
Immacolata Vitale
Maris Vitols
Julia Vlad
Corry Vlaming
Ana-Maria-Ludmila Vlasceanu
Hoang Vo
Anil Vohra
Pamela Voigt
Sonja Volpe
Gillian Von Teichman
Teck Min Voon
VRIFY Technology
Angela and Michael Vuchnich
Steve Vuglac
Natalie Vukovich
Sonja Vulic
Linh Vuong
Mui Vuong
Bhaskarchandra Kantilal Vyas
Beena Vyas
Katherine Vyse
Katherine Wagg
Roshi Wagley
Adam Wagman
Jayne Wagner
Lily Wai
Adrienne Wai
Wendy Wai
Justine Wai
Marv Wainberg
Beverley M. Wainwright
Janet Waisglass
Denise Waite
Jeffrey R. Walker
Peter R. Walker
Karen Walker
Maureen Wall
Romi Wallach
Cynthia K. Wallen
Robert J. Wallenius
Karen Wallington
Ruth Walsh
Shelby Walsh
Walsh and Hulme Medical Professional Corp
Lionel Walters
Walters Health Services Corp
George Anthony Walton
Benjamin Walton
Richard Wan
Peggy Wan
Xiaomei Wang
Agatha Tung-Ngai Wang
Emily Wang
Hao Wang
Heyi Wang
Jack Wang
Jing Wang
King Da Wang
Miao Wang
Heying Wang
Jonathan Wang
Shaoheng Wang
Xiujuan Wang
David Wang
Katie Wang
Lucie Wang
Qiong Wang
Michael Wang
Tshering Wangdi
Robin Ward
Lyse Ward
Emma Ward
Patricia Ward
Jennifer A. Wardrop
James G. Ware
Cynthia Louise Warner
Irene May Warren
Samuel Wasserman
Shelly Wasserman
Gary Waters
Deborah Watkins
Anne Denise Watkinson
Adam Watkinson
Carly Watson
Kirsten Watson
Helen Watt
Clifford G. Watts
Lucy Waverman
Heather Wax
Peter Waxman
Ruth Weaver
Frederick Webber
Janice Webber
Ted Weber
Lawrence Ion Webster
The Wedding Co.
Xinyu Wei
Celina Weigensberg
Hildi Weiman
Debbie Weinberg
David Weinberg
Karen Weinstein
Jordan Weinstein
Peter Weinstein
Joel Weinstein
Carol L. Weir
Sharon Weisbrod
Lorne Weiss
Leah Weiss
Devora Weisswasser
Anne Weisz
Fern Weisz
Gloria J. Welch
Gloria June Welch
John Hugh Francis Welch
Welding Fixture & EQ Inc.
Nancy Wells
Evelyene Welsh
Hainey Wengle
Lystra Wensveen
Jessica Weshler
Amanda Weston
Anita Westreich
Astrid Whelan
James White
Judith Gail White
Cindy White
Hank White
Jennifer White
Richard Lambert White
Liz White
Allan White
Wendy G Whiteley
Jenifer Whitham
Emelia Emetta Whyte
Edward Arthur Wickson
Bonnie Maureen Wieskopf
Victoria Wilcox
Wilfred K. Wilhelm
Peter Wilkins
George Wilkins
Amy Wilkinson
Alice Williams
Nichole Williams
Nicole Williams
Terri Williams
Nicholas Williams
Kerry Williams
Linda Willis
Willis Towers Watson
Catherine I. Wilson
Brian C. Wilson
Douglas R. Wilson
Barbara Anne Wilson
Jim Wilson
Victor Wilson
Steve Wilson
Tessa J. Wiltshire
Dana Dorothy Winder
Rebecca D. Winder
Becky Windhager
Norm Wingrove
Mary P Winsor
Elizabeth D. Winter
Gavin Winter
Andrew Winton
Alan Wintraub
Martha Wise
Lauren Wise
Ricki Wise
Eleanor Elke Wiseman
Stan Witkin
James B. Witten
Robin Witty
Mikel Z. Woch
Stephan Woessmann
Danica Wolch
Linda M. Wolfe
Kathleen Wolfe
Ann Wolff
Karen Wolff
Maddie Wolfond
Rachel Wolfson
Racheli Wolfson
Arthur S. Wolfson
Rhona Wolle
Douglas Wollison
Joshua Wolman
Rhona Wolpert
Sophie Wolpert
Siu Kin Wong
Cardi Wong
Gladys S. Wong
Gregory B. Wong
Linda C. Wong
Wai Kun Wong
Cheuk C. Wong
Chi May Wong
Don Keung Wong
Elizabeth Pui Wah Wong
Felix Hing-Fung Wong
Shuk Fung Wong
Sin-Yuk Wong
Suzie Wong
Sylvia Wong
Theresa Wong
Wing Shan Wong
Ying Tou Wong
Chiu-Kit Wong
Hilda Wong
Mei Ling Wong
Natalie Wong
Sui F. Wong
Wai Sek Wong
Wendy Wong
Shu-Kwong Wong
Jordan Wong
Melissa Wong
Richard Wong
Sam Wong
Chak Lam Wong
Stephen T. Wong
Nicole Wongsoo
Ho Wa Woo
Marcia E. Wood
Melanie Wood
Ryan Wood
Hanbury John Woods
John P. Woodward
David Woolley
Natalie Worobec
Harvey Worth
John Franklin Wragg
Dr. Julia Wreford
Howie Wright
Carol Wright
Robert Wright
Peter Wright
Maria Wright
Jennifer (Shao Li) Wu
Wei Wu
Wah Ying Wu
Jessica Wu
San Shun Wu
Xiaoyun Wu
Diana Wu
Jenny Wu
Junjuan Wu
Lara Wyss
Dan X
Li Xi
Feng Xiang
Florence (Xuechun) Xie
Linyu Xie
Kevin Xie
Antonio Ximeno
Hongyan Xu
Sufei Xu
Hairong Xu
Leah Xu
Tom G. Xuan
Zizhen Xue
Jing Xue
Jodi Yackness
Marcia Yampolsky
Jing Yan
Beilei Yan
Mais Yanes
Lan Yang
Lan Yang
Yinuo Yang
Mu Yang
Shengnan Yang
Catherine Yang
Annie Yang
Lumen Yap
Felix Yaroshevsky
Hilda Yasseri
Carmen Yau
Jiong (Melody) Ye
Julia Wong Yee
Paul Yeghouchian
Dr. Bertha M. Yetman
Somsack Yeuang
William Yeung
Ellen Yeung
Acca Yeung
Janice Yeung
Keith Yuen Kong Yeung
Meichen Yi
Anthony Yim
Lisa Yim
Paul King Sin Yim
Chack Kee Yip
Shing Cho Yip
Adrianne Yiu
Jane Yoo
Mimi Yoo
Jo Yoon Hee
Sonny York
Hailey York
York Sales Association
Sounia Yosufi
Bhree A. Young
Joanne Young
Michelle D. Young
Raymond Alan Young
Joanne Young
Anita M. Young
Your Deli Polonez
Shayan Yousefian
Daleia Yousif
Wai H. Yu
Niao Hui Yu
Shaozheng Yu
Terri Yu
Shuk Yee Yu
Deborah Yu
Oumeng Yuan
Alice Yuan
Lucy L. Yuen
Kit Chee Yuen
Sher Pung Yung
Isaiah Zabitsky
Barbara E. Zacharias
Lauren Zafer
Reyam Zager
Elisha Zagerman
Avi Zaharov
Roman Zakaluzny
Tom Zaks
Julie Zambonelli
Heather Zambory
Joe Zammit
Halina Zapart
Elaine Zdunich
Kate Zeidler
Bora Zekavica
Tanja Zeleznik
Dov Zevy
Dr. Li Zhang
Rui Zhang
Evelyn Zhang
Karen Zhang
Rachel Zhang
Ren Zhang
Xiao Wen Zhang
Yinfeng Zhang
Yiwei Zhang
Ruiqi Zhang
Zhongyao Zhang
Shaoshi Zhang
Yuqiu Zhang
Jian Tian Zhao
Peng Zhao
Shunan Zhao
Xin Ran Zhao
Hong Zheng
Lili Zheng
Sui Zheng
Zhiqiang Zhou
Dr. Qianghua Zhou
Yu Qing Zhou
Amy Zhou
Dr. Yang Zhu
Lizhong Zhu
Qin Zhu
Stella Zhu
Oulu Zhu
Jin Ling Zhuo
Shu Fang Zhuo
Bella Ziering-Lando
Ryan Zimmerman
Matthew Zimmerman
Genet Zinabou
Dayna Zipursky
Andrew Ziraldo
Sandy Zisckind
Naomi Zittell
Milos Zivanovic
Cecilia Zizek
Zena Zobin
Margaret Zouboulakis
Amirah Zubair
Sean Zweig
Malli Zworth
Myles Zyblock
Aja Zylberberg
Jade Zylberberg
Anonymous (472)

Thank you to our partners for their extraordinary contributions of life-saving supplies, personal protective equipment and much-needed respite and sustenance for our frontline staff.

407 ETR
407 ETR
ARC Document Solutions
BAPS Charities – Canada
Basil Box
Central Toronto Veterinary Referral and Emergency Clinic
Classique Nails
CLIF Bar & Company
Mark Cohen
The Cold Pressed Juice Co.
Ddrops Company
Janine Dizon
Elizabeth Baird & Friends
Eyub Yegen and Cecilia Rose Power
Fairmont Royal York Hotel
Ferrero Rocher
The Fountain of Youth Qi
Han Gil Park & Han Eum (Eric) Park
Hattendo Japanese Cream Bun
Hershey Canada
Hilary’s Salesmaster Inc. / Pathwater Canada
HomeLife Landmark Realty Inc. 大鹏地产
Ikea Etobicoke
Inno Foods Inc
Janine Dizon
Jeff Reynolds
John Pigott Club Coffee L.P. & Morrison Lamothe Inc.
The Karma Box Co.
Kim Hong Tran
Klick Health
Live Your Dream Campaign
Carlo, Tonia, Gianni and Matteo LiVolsi
L’Oreal Canada
Mansukh & Haren Sheth
#Masks4TO Fundraiser by Frank Jing and Sabrina Si
– Kai Huang
– Bi Qi Xiong
– Dong Xue Feng
– Jiayi Yu
– Daniel Watt
– Jimmy Yang
– Liao Jing
– Cherry Weng
– Danyang Zhao
– Lin Pang
– Song Yu (Sonny) Yu
– Laura Yu
– Bill Chen
– Baccarani Pham
– Claire Han
– Cory Yan
– Michelle Ling
– David Jiang
– Yiran Xia
Menkes Development Ltd.
Midtown Slopitch
Muzzo Family
Nails for You Limited (Henry Le)
Northmount School for Boys – Parents, Students, Staff and Friends
Nugenesis Nails
Outstanding Teenager Leadership Foundation
PPE for HCPs Toronto
Pusateri’s Fine Foods Limited
Saigon Park Mississauga
Schulich Charity Association
Scotiabank Group
SmartyPants Vitamins
Spin Master Toys
Sun Life Financial
Tianjin University Alumni and Friends
Tianqi Sun, Wei Zhou, and Kathy Sun
The Toronto Golf Club
Vale Canada Limited
Windsor Arms Hotel and Cerise Fine Catering
Anonymous (3)

Thank you to the following community champions who have taken it upon themselves to raise funds to support UHN’s COVID-19 efforts and support the needs of the hospitals through their own fundraising efforts.

The Beer Store
Blue Crowned Prints
Amy Burstyn Fritz – Feel Good Flowers
CareWear by Witly
Michelle Cleghorn and Matthew Unruh, Family and Friends
The Distancing Club
Donate to Appreciate
Echo Lab Team Support Fund
HR Frontline Healthcare Workers Support
In Honour of Levi Koch’s Birthday
McMaster Students Supporting UHN
Midtown Slopitch
Mosaic Project – Free Caricatures for Donors
Northmount School for Boys – Parents, Students, Staff and Friends
QE Trivia
RDS Juniors – Dance for a Chance
SAS Toronto
Schulich Charity Association
Dr. Andrea Somers
Toronto Magnanamous Lions Club
Toronto Revolver Club
Tyed Together
Zoesewnshop by Zoë Glickman

Donor support is helping our hospitals when and where we need it the most right now, and we can’t thank you enough.

If you are looking for a way to show your support during this time, please consider making a donation here or call 416-603-5300. Every bit counts.

*Note: if you would like your name updated or removed, please contact: [email protected].

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