UHN experts and patients discuss Parkinson’s disease technology treatment options

People who are living with Parkinson’s disease (PD) should know their options when it comes to treating the disease with technology. That was the message of the latest Movement Disorder Speaker Series presented by TGWHF on October 4th, 2016.

The highlight of the event was the touching testimony of two TWH patients, George Dingman and Andy Barrie, who shared their experiences with an audience of 100 people.

Renowned neurologists Dr. Alfonso Fasano and Dr. Renato Munhoz of the Morton & Gloria Shulman Movement Disorders Centre also presented highlights about two advanced therapies: deep brain stimulation (DBS) and Duodopa infusion for improving quality of life for PD patients.

“I am no longer afraid to live,” revealed George Dingman, who struggled for years with movement disorders before he was officially diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.

“For four years I used to say to no to everything. Now I say yes,” explained former CBC radio broadcaster Andy Barrie.

Watch the full presentation | Watch George’s video

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