5 tips to treat mental fatigue

A person struggling with mental fatigue while sitting on a sofa holding their head.

Do you ever feel like the winter blues have overstayed their welcome, leaving you drained and mentally fatigued? Winters departure often reveals the toll taken on our cognitive well-being, leaving our mental and emotional health depleted.

Mental fatigue and exhaustion can occur when a person experiences prolonged stress without access to, or knowledge of adequate coping strategies. It can produce emotional, physical, and behavioral symptoms, including changing mood, memory and attention difficulties and sleeping problems.

Join UHN Foundation in navigating through mental fatigue and step into spring UHNITED with a revitalized mindset.

Here are five tips to help recover from mental fatigue and enhance well-being:

1. Practice a healthy lifestyle

  • Practicing a healthy lifestyle includes eating a balanced diet, staying hydrated, exercising daily, getting enough sleep, and getting enough sunshine

2. Maintain a work life balance that works for you

  • People who don’t prioritize their own well-being are more likely to experience emotional exhaustion and burnout. An effective work life balance looks like finding a balance between working and doing things that you love

3. Implement mindfulness into your everyday life

  • A mindfulness method that works for others may not be a method that works for you, and that is okay. Keep trying and remain present when making time to navigate through your thoughts and feelings

4. Connect with loved ones

  • Spend time with the friends and family that leave you feeling recharged and optimistic about life

5. See a mental health professional

  • Mental health professionals, such as clinical psychologists, can help challenge negative thoughts and equip you with new coping skills and strategies

For more information on living a healthier lifestyle to prevent and help treat mental fatigue, visit UHN’s Dr. Paul Oh’s 5 Ways To Create Healthy Habits.

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