The Peter Munk Cardiac Centre annual report is here

The team at the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre is more driven than ever. They are reducing
rehospitalization for heart failure patients and achieving low rates of complications following
cardiovascular surgery, embracing the use of data and artificial intelligence to develop more
effective and more personalized treatments. The goal is the same: make the care our patients
receive the best it can be.

At perhaps no other time in our history have we seen the importance of the drive to do
whatever it takes than during the COVID-19 pandemic. Together, the Peter Munk Cardiac
Centre team has skilfully pivoted to monitoring more patients remotely and has been at the forefront of developing virtual care. They have led international research efforts and have manufactured new technologies to care for more patients in need.

The new 2021 Peter Munk Cardiac Centre annual report provides an in-depth look at the
groundbreaking research and treatments that are changing the future of health care – and the
people who are making it happen.

The annual report is available online here.

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