Summer activities for kids

For kids and teens, summer break is right around the corner! No homework, nice weather and more time with friends is what kids look forward to most during their time off.  

For parents and caregivers, this is great for quality family time but some may struggle with keeping their out-of-school kids busy during the summer break. Keeping kids entertained and engaged during the summer months helps curb boredom and contributes to your child’s growth, development and overall well-being.

We’ve got you covered! Here are some activities for kids this summer.

Help out in the garden

Gardening can be a fun activity to share with children of all ages. It teaches them something new and introduces them to the nurturing experience of gardening. They can help out with planting, watering and harvesting plants and vegetables. Have them plant their own vegetable seeds to grow their favourite vegetables.

Get active

Finding outdoor activities to keep kids physically active can be challenging but it’s recommended kids get at least 60 minutes of exercise a day. Take movement breaks throughout the day and try out some of these activities:

  • Outdoor games: scavenger hunt or make your own obstacle course
  • Walking and biking: take an adventure together to a new park or a trail you’ve never visited
  • Sports: head to your local park to play soccer, basketball, baseball or tennis

Play some brain games

School is out for the summer but learning never stops for kids. Try some of these activities that will exercise their brains.

  • Puzzle race: use a small puzzle with 100 pieces or less and see who finishes first
  • Start a summer reading club: build your own list of books to read over the summer. Talk about the book with your kids and get them excited about reading!
  • Master a new skill: pick one skill to teach or learn with your kids this summer. Learn drawing or painting, an instrument or even a new language. 

Get creative

Try taking some arts and crafts and other activities outdoors to take advantage of the nice weather!

  • Create your own board game: Make your own version of popular board games like Guess Who, checkers or Monopoly with your kids. Simple arts and crafts materials such as paper, markers and glue will help you and your kids build the next big game!
  • Decorate with sidewalk chalk: draw pictures or even hopscotch with chalk on your sidewalk or at the park
  • Put on a play: write a script, make props and costumes and have fun acting out characters and improvising together

Practicing relaxation techniques

In addition to summer activities with your kids, they can stay mentally engaged through self-care and wellness practices. Watch meditation tutorials on YouTube together or practise relaxation strategies such as deep breathing practices.  Take time together to disconnect from hectic schedules to promote a healthy mind.

What are your favourite summer activities? Take a picture of you and your family participating in these activities and tag us on social media @UHNfoundation.

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