A sneak preview into the future of cardiac care

Dr. Heather Ross and Dr. Mitesh Badiwala

At their annual luncheon on October 18, 2017, Innovators’ Circle members enjoyed a fascinating presentation by a Peter Munk Cardiac Centre dynamic duo: Dr. Heather Ross, Director of the Ted Rogers Centre of Excellence in Heart Function and Medical Director of the Cardiac Transplant Program and Dr. Mitesh Badiwala, Surgical Director of the Cardiac Transplant Program.

Both speakers offered exciting glimpses into improved care for heart failure patients future from two different but equally encouraging perspectives: the use of mechanical hearts and new cardiac transplant techniques and methods; as well as how the use of technology – such as remote monitoring and the development of a digital cardiovascular health platform – is enabling the collection of large amounts patient data that are crucial to investigating and solving the challenges of heart failure.

A highlight of the presentation was an entertaining and emotional video testimonial by an extraordinary patient, Charles Cook, who shared his experience of undergoing, two mechanical heart implants, a heart transplant and most recently a kidney transplant.  Watch his incredible story.

Innovators’ Circle is a special donor communications program for donors who made gifts between $100,000 and $999,000 to TGWHF.

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