Peter Munk Cardiac Centre by the numbers

The Peter Munk Cardiac Centre continues to be a leader in cardiac and vascular care. The team performs a record number of complex procedures, accumulating a series of world firsts in research and delivering more optimal patient outcomes compared to other institutions.

An infographic showing the number of imaging and procedures done at PMCC, also showing an increase in remote patient monitoring, on the right hand side there are five doctors pictures who have received awards for their work.
Infographic with information about PMCC's accomplishments, "defined by firsts" is one section, patient outcomes stats are on the right hand side along with stats on increasing accuracy and lower risks of complication.
Infographic with information about the Cardiovascular surgery being performed at PMCC, along with the aortic procedures being done at PMCC, on the right hand side under the heading "Our Advantage" displays informations about training fellows, and ablation procedures.

This article originally appeared in the 2021 Peter Munk Cardiac Centre annual report. Read it here.

Photos by Tim Fraser

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