Historic gift propels the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre into the future

The future of cardiovascular care will be transformed thanks to the power of philanthropy. The Peter and Melanie Munk Charitable Foundation is increasing its support to the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre (PMCC) with a transformative gift of $100 million – the largest gift to a Canadian hospital in history.

“This gift will change the way that patients with heart and blood vessel disease are managed in Toronto, Canada and around the world,” says Dr. Barry Rubin, Medical Director, Peter Munk Cardiac Centre. “No other centre has what we have proposed – this will truly be world leading.”

The gift will primarily be used to develop a data-driven digital cardiovascular health platform that reduces costs, advances medical research, and improves the outcomes of patients with cardiac and vascular disease.

New data resources, novel technologies and game-changing research advances make this the most promising time in history for driving innovations that will improve healthcare delivery, outcomes and quality. By collecting, integrating and analyzing big data using emerging artificial intelligence tools, along with conducting new clinical trials and expanding expertise in genomic medicine, the PMCC will make individualized, evidenced-based therapy possible for patients.

Back L to R: Toronto Mayor John Tory, Brian Porter, Tennys Hanson, Jim Leech, Health Minister Eric Hoskins, Dr. Barry Rubin, Dr. Peter Pisters;
Front L to R: Melanie Munk, Peter Munk, Amie Munk, Anthony Munk

“The digital cardiovascular health platform will allow us to apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict and treat life-threatening cardiac problems before they occur, and to develop novel therapies for patients with cardiovascular disease,” says Dr. Rubin. “None of this would be possible without the generous support of Peter and Melanie Munk and their vision for the future of cardiovascular care.”

Peter and Melanie Munk came to UHN with their vision more than two decades ago. Their latest gift brings the Munks’ support of the PMCC and UHN to more than $175 million since 1993. They helped to establish the PMCC in 1997 and over the years they have supported initiatives that have driven new ways of problem-solving to revolutionize cardiac treatment.

“Their support over the years has positioned the centre as one of the world’s best,” says TGWHF Chair Jim Leech. “And now, here we are again – 20 years later – acknowledging their latest gift. An historic one that will help the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre become the leading heart centre in the world.”

“By supporting a centre of excellence that aims to be the world’s leader in cardiac care, I believe we help not only the hospital and its patients, but also augment Toronto’s reputation for innovation and excellence,” says Peter Munk, founder and Chairman Emeritus of Barrick Gold Corporation who, along with his wife Melanie and his family, attended the announcement celebration at the cardiac centre that bears his name.

“This gift reflects my enormous gratitude to Canada, to Ontario and to the talented and dedicated staff at the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre,” says Mr. Munk. “I arrived in this country in 1949 with practically nothing, yet Canada welcomed me with open arms and gave me the opportunity to succeed. Every step in my career, I felt a common desire to do more for Canada.”

Thank you, Peter and Melanie Munk, for helping us pursue the knowledge that makes all our lives better.

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