May is National Physiotherapy Month in Canada

A patient journey in the rehabilitation process would not be possible without the important work done by physiotherapists (PTs), physiotherapy assistants (PTAs) and physiotherapy students. This month celebrates the vital role PTs and PTAs play in a multidisciplinary health care team setting.

Raisa Kassam
Raisa Kassam, registered physiotherapist at UHN’s Toronto Rehab. (Photo: Raisa Kassam)

“It is a time to reflect on and promote the physiotherapy profession and help those in the profession connect and learn from each other and the community,” says Raisa Kassam, registered physiotherapist in Inpatient Musculoskeletal & Multisystem Rehab at UHN’s Toronto Rehab, about what this month means to her.

What is physiotherapy?

PTs specialize in hands-on clinical rehabilitation to treat patients living with injuries, illnesses and disabilities. They help restore, maintain and improve movement and functionality in patients’ daily lives while promoting overall well-being. They use techniques such as exercise therapy and patient education to maximize function and quality of life while incorporating physical, psychological, emotional and social practices. Patients may also seek physiotherapy for movement and functionality improvements following surgery or in the event of a stroke or heart attack.

Why is it important?

Physiotherapy is an important part of a patient’s journey through the recovery process from injuries or health conditions, enabling patients who experienced an injury or chronic pain to regain their strength and improve their condition through guided exercises. They can assist with improving a patient’s range of motion, neurological disorders, heart conditions and pain management.

Why is this work rewarding?

PTs and PTAs wear many hats in their roles – they are educators, innovators, learners and leaders. Their goal as health care providers is to empower and provide patients with the necessary skills to assist them in regaining their independence.

As a PT, Raisa is grateful for working with patients and seeing them achieve their health care goals. 

“We work with our oncology and transplant patients by implementing strengthening, balance and endurance exercises on a daily basis,” says Raisa. “When mobility goals are achieved our patients are beaming with happiness as great determination and patience has gone into achieving these goals. It is so rewarding to be part of their happiness as a result of them mobilizing more independently.”

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