Rinomato Group of Companies

Always a curious, artistic and precocious youngster, by the age of 16 Veronica Rinomato enjoyed a level of celebrity which very few people can boast. Recognition of her talent from the Family Channel as a gifted singer and skilled songwriter propelled her to success across both the U.S. and European markets. This included multiple Top 5 singles on the Canadian Top 40 Pop Chart; two #1 Dance Radio Song chart toppers, as well as earning top prize for ‘Song of the Year’ in Belgium. Among other accomplishments, Veronica has had the privilege of working alongside numerous seasoned musicians, songwriters and producers from around the world, while personally accumulating more than 75 million streams of her music to date.  

Veronica was inspired by the hard work, passion and success her late grandfather and business acumen Tony Sr Rinomato instilled in his family. Intrigued by his accomplishments in construction and his appreciation for the land development industry, Veronica has chosen to follow in his footsteps and pursue the opportunities that gave this most beloved “Nonno” his zest for life. This esteemed patriarch gave birth to a respected family business that has been instrumental in developing land across the GTA for over 65 years. 

Grateful for the knowledge and experiences garnered over the years from a wide breadth of professional working relationships, Veronica has partnered with her father as they draw new life into Etobicoke. Veronica flourishes when it comes to renovating tired old houses and in turn welcoming fresh, innovative designs the owners are thrilled to call their home. This enterprising young woman has welcomed the challenge of her new role as a Property Manager with Tonlu Properties, which oversees more than 250 tenants and upwards of 2 million square feet of industrial, commercial and office space. Veronica’s inquisitive nature, artistic flair and willingness to overcome challenges while enthusiastically embracing the opportunities presented ensures continued success in the endeavors she explores. 

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