Krembil magazine series highlights the relentless pursuit of cures

Krembil MagazineIn partnership with the Globe and Mail, UHN has produced a three-part series about the Krembil Research Institute.

The Krembil Magazine series showcases talented Krembil scientists and their relentless pursuit of cures. The debut issue, distributed to Globe and Mail subscribers across Canada on April 26, focuses on groundbreaking research related to diseases of the brain and spine:

• Alzheimer’s
• Chronic pain
• Concussion
• Parkinson’s disease
• Epilepsy
• Rett syndrome
• Spinal cord injuries
• Stroke

“Researchers at Krembil are working relentlessly to understand and cure various neurological diseases, explains Dr. Donald Weaver, Director of the Krembil Research Institute.

“There are many exciting stories of progress and success emerging from our laboratories. Some of these stories are told in this magazine. This is only a sampling of what we do and what we are capable of.”

Two subsequent issues of Krembil, in June and in September, will cover stories relating to vision and arthritis research, respectively.

Read the online version of Krembil.

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