Dr. Cherney receives ASN Distinguished Researcher Award

Dr. David Cherney, clinician scientist in the Division of Nephrology at UHN, has been selected by the American Society of Nephrology (ASN) to receive the Distinguished Researcher award.

The ASN established their Midcareer Awards program in 2019 in order to give recognition to midcareer clinicians, educators, health professionals and researchers who have made extraordinary contributions to the field of nephrology, as well those who have exemplified outstanding service to society. Dr. Cherney will be presented with this award for his extensive research contributions and displays of innovation and excellence to advance the practice of nephrology.

Dr. Cherney’s research program focuses on physiological factors that initiate renal disease in patients with diabetes such as renal hyperfiltration and inflammation. His research program is closely aligned with his integrated and multidisciplinary cardiac-renal-endocrine clinic at Toronto General Hospital, which focuses on the prevention of diabetic nephropathy and cardiovascular disease.

“It is a tremendous honor for me to receive the ASN Distinguished Researcher Award. However, it is only because of the outstanding laboratory team I work with, my network of collaborators, research participant involvement and support from my colleagues that it was possible,” says Dr. Cherney. “Hopefully the award will help to inspire awareness and more interest in the field of diabetic kidney disease and cardiovascular complications, and lead to further research and investment in this area of investigation.”

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