Celebrating our nurses at the 2018 Krembil Nursing Awards

The Krembil Nursing Awards, generously supported by the Krembil Foundation since 2004, provide an extraordinary opportunity for front-line nursing staff at Toronto Western Hospital to further their education and research to advance the field of health care. This week, in honour of National Nursing Week, we are highlighting the annual event.

The 2017 Krembil Nursing Award recipients.

The 2017 Krembil Nursing Award recipients with Stacey and Mark Krembil. (Photo: Andrew Downs)

The awards celebrate and support the professional development of nurses in leading both quality improvement projects and research enhancing patient care practices. To date, the Krembil Nursing Awards have funded more than 100 initiatives led by front-line registered nurses. Past projects include improving the flow of operating room scheduling, the now routine practice of providing waiting families with pagers to receive regular updates during operating times, and development of a model of care to enhance how teams of nurses work together. While each project varies depending on the interest of the principal investigator, the overall goal is the same: to build on University Health Network’s best practices, continue to raise the bar and deliver excellent care.

Since 2006, the awards program has grown to include and acknowledge staff mentors who help guide nurses through this process. This year, 14 mentors have held monthly meetings with Stacey Krembil, a donor champion for nursing who graciously funds these awards, to discuss the progression and updates of each project.

On May 22, 2018, the celebratory awards ceremony will recognize these nurse principal investigators, and their supporting mentors and patient care managers. The 15 funded projects announced at the awards will support the development and improvement of current best practices and work to improve communication with patients, families and colleagues. This tremendous opportunity allows nurses to grow and develop in their roles, while addressing issues critical to refining hospital and program policies and procedures.

Congratulations to our nurses for their remarkable achievements and contributions as they continue to set gold standards in our approach to health and patient care! For more information on the Krembil Nursing Awards, click here.

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