Ms. Stacey Krembil is currently a Director on the board of the Krembil Foundation, a private family-run foundation that supports medical research. She also runs the Chiefswood Aftercare Program, an adoption program that rehomes retired racehorses. She is the founder and Chair of the Krembil Nursing Awards and Krembil Nursing Scholarships.

Stacey has a vast history of volunteer experience when it comes to hospital fundraisers and charity events. She has co-chaired two Discovery Balls; chaired and helped in the organization of the fundraising dinner for the Parkinson’s Summit in 2019; and created the Niigon Lecture Series, which is a series that speaks to health-related topics.

Stacey worked as an Operating Nurse at the Hospital for Sick Children and was in charge of the Craniofacial operating room. Stacey brings with her a passion for patient care and advancements in medical research.

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