Ms. Grace Lombardi graduated from Toronto Metropolitan University with a BA, and BAA in Media Arts. In 2000, she began Fuel Productions Inc., a planning promotion and production company. She is a writer producer, and director on several award winning documentaries including “The Great Communicator.”  Grace has written and produced numerous commercials and promotional videos and has developed promotional and public relations campaigns for her clients.  She has also headed several branding and marketing campaigns. 

Grace is the Director of Communications for CHIN Radio and played a significant role in the successful expansion of its broadcast operations in Ottawa, the nation’s capital.  She continues to act in this role throughout several of CHIN Radio’s new business development activities. She is the creative director for several of their yearly events and is a segment producer for CHIN Television and manages all social media accounts. She is also one of the hosts of the long running “Festival Italiano Di Johnny Lombardi” which airs on CityTv.

Grace has served on several boards and committees, including COSTI Immigrant Services, The Williams Syndrome Network, Villa Charities and UHN Toronto Rehab Foundation and is presently a Board member of UHN Foundation.

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