New partnership advances health learning

In January 2016, UHN integrated with The Michener Institute – Canada’s only post-secondary institution devoted exclusively to applied health sciences education. This Canadian partnership is set to transform health professional education by embedding a school within a hospital network.

“This new relationship is a first-in-Canada integration of a healthcare organization and an educational institution,” explains Dr. Peter Pisters, President and CEO. The integration brings together a diploma-granting healthcare education institution and an academic health sciences network within a single organization. The Michener Institute’s robust and responsive curriculum emphasizes
inter-professional collaboration and simulation-based training that is designed to bridge the gap between the classroom and clinic.

By coming together, Michener and UHN will be able to better support and advance healthcare system priorities by creating the capacity to rapidly adapt health professional education to meet pressing challenges, and to seize new opportunities to create and deploy innovative healthcare education solutions in Ontario.

Celebrating 20 years of healthcare research

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Wilson Centre, which continues to cement its reputation as the global leader in advancing healthcare education and practice through research.
Three of the Centre’s most recent accomplishments are expected to have enormous global impact. Operating rooms around the world will be more efficient — and patient safety will improve — now that the World Health Organization has adopted an operating room checklist using research that originated at the Wilson Centre.

The Centre is also building the capacity of health professionals globally. It worked alongside Ethiopia’s Addis Ababa University to launch a master’s degree program in health professions education, the goal of which is to ensure graduates are well prepared to create robust, relevant educational programs.

Continually evaluating and improving the curriculum for future doctors is also critical to patient care — and the Wilson Centre played an important role in redeveloping the new foundations curriculum at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine.

The new curriculum and the process of assessing students incorporate cutting-edge knowledge from Education Science— much of it derived from the labs of Wilson Centre scientists.

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