New humanitarian fund helps international patients in crisis

UHN is launching a new international humanitarian initiative. UHN Helps is a special fund that will make it possible for our world-class surgeons to provide life-altering/saving surgeries in Canada to patients from the developing world. It will also allow our surgeons to train and assist their colleagues in parts of the world where complex procedures are not currently offered. Disfiguring acid attacks, burn injuries from communal fire pits and adults suffering from congenital abnormalities are just a few examples where advanced surgical expertise is needed and cannot be provided in the patient’s home country, as either the expertise or the facilities are not available.

“We all continue to see reports of violent attacks against civilians in parts of the world where human rights have failed them. We often will have the expertise to help in these crises,” says UHN Plastic Surgeon Dr. Toni Zhong, who leads the UHN Breast Reconstruction Program.”  As leaders in healthcare, we have the opportunity to build a much needed program right here with UHN Helps.

Surgery is increasingly recognized as a critical and unmet priority in global public health, with up to half of the world’s population lacking access to basic surgical care. A World Health Organization (WHO) study estimated that the poorest one-third of the world’s population receives only 3.5% of the 234.2 million surgeries performed annually.

UHN’s Sprott Department of Surgery is home to a world-class community of leading surgeons treating some of the most complex surgical issues. “This new fund will help give our amazing surgical experts the opportunity to represent Canadians as global citizens,” says Tennys Hanson, President and CEO of Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation.

All donations to the UHN Helps fund will be matched up to $500,000. Click here to donate.

For more information, please contact:

Dolores Larrier, Director, Major Gifts
[email protected]

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