Director, Client Relationships at Infotek Consulting Services Inc.

Adriana Wilk grew up in Etobicoke and Oakville, going on to graduate from Western University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in French and minoring in Philosophy, while completing a certificate in Business and French Translation.  Over the past decade, Adriana has built her career in IT consulting through combining her innate ability to forge relationships with her natural curiosity and knack for problem solving.

It is Adriana’s passion for helping shape community-centric organizations that led to her beginning to volunteer. She is currently a member of the UIC Event Planning, Women in Philanthropy and the UHN Collective. She has also volunteered with the Toronto Public Library Foundation as both volunteer and co-chair of their annual Hush Hush event, and with the WE Charity as a volunteer in Toronto and Kenya in support of community initiatives.  

Adriana loves immersing herself in travel – from sea to mountains- and is inspired by different cultures, landscapes, architecture, local art galleries, restaurants, and spending time with family and friends. She finds solace in running, hiking, sailing, music, reading and snowboarding. 

“After experiencing a concussion in 2011, my passion for philanthropy towards health-focused initiatives began as I quickly learned to fully appreciate the downstream effects head trauma has on overall wellness. Optimal health and prevention is an education process and our willingness to learn about the mind/body connection through its layers- structurally, chemically and psychologically- can be life changing. UHN has made incredible strides surrounding the innovations in neurological care and brain research. The more we can understand how to optimize health individually, the more we can be and offer to others. I am excited at the opportunity to work with a group that’s empowered to bring the hard topics of science to the dinner table in layman’s terms and give back to a hospital network that’s made a positive impact on many peoples’ lives.”

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