Dr. Cristina Nostro receives Business Excellence Award

Dr. Crisina Nostro sitting in a lab in front of a microscope

On September 26, 2020, the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario (ICCO) honoured Dr. Cristina Nostro with a Business Excellence Award for Innovation & Science.

Dr. Nostro is a senior scientist and Harry Rosen Chair in Diabetes and Regenerative Medicine Research at the McEwen Stem Cell Institute. Her research focuses on developing insulin-producing cells from stem cells as a potential treatment for type 1 diabetes. She is originally from Italy and completed the equivalent of her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the University of Florence.

This year’s ICCO Business Excellence Awards honoured women of Italian descent who have made outstanding contributions to driving Canada’s leadership in business, science and culture. Award winners were selected based on their strong business know-how and ability to influence and inspire within their respective industries.

Dr. Cristina Nostro on the Zoom ceremony accepting her award

Dr. Nostro accepted the award in a virtual ceremony held over Zoom, where she pointed out the importance of science, especially in the age of COVID-19.

“In a year where medical research has been the focus of many of our conversations … I feel blessed to be a research scientist and to be working in a field that has the potential to improve people’s lives,” said Dr. Nostro.

Researchers at the McEwen Stem Cell Institute are well-known for their innovation in the field of regenerative medicine. But they are also dedicated to entrepreneurship as a way to accelerate their research and get stem cell therapy to patients.

“I have been able to build a team of dedicated and excited young scientists coming from all over the world that have improved the generation of these cells and in this process generated patents and intellectual properties, which are valuable assets to attract biotech companies,” shared Dr. Nostro.

Philanthropy and the support of donors plays an important role in allowing the institute to continue to innovate.

When asked what this award means to her, Dr. Nostro responded, “While we are used to celebrating our achievements amongst scientists, it is particularly rewarding to be recognized by the business community for the work that we do here at the McEwen Stem Cell Institute. It is a reminder of the importance and the value of our work to the broader community.”

Watch the awards ceremony.

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