Community rallies to raise $26k in honour of organ donor and recipient

Alley Adams [R], a kidney-pancreas transplant recipient at UHN’s Ajmera Transplant Centre, and Craig Mode who was inspired by Alley’s cause to fundraise [L]

In November 2018, 32-year-old Alley Adams was a communications professional at McCarthy Tétrault, one of Canada’s largest law firms. She had achieved her childhood dream of working in Toronto’s financial district while leading a team of professionals and travelling the world to speak at conferences. Alley’s job was relentless and demanding and she loved every minute of it.

Even more impressive – Alley had accomplished her goals while living with Type 1 diabetes, diagnosed at age 5. While her career was thriving, her health was not – Alley could tell something was wrong. By January 2019, she learned she had kidney failure as a complication of diabetes. To survive, Alley would need a kidney and pancreas transplant.

After a long and stressful two years, in May 2021 Alley got the call that would change her life – she was at the top of the list and organs were available. Alley would receive a kidney-pancreas transplant at UHN’s Ajmera Transplant Centre just days later.

While Alley underwent surgery, her good friend Craig Mode wanted to demonstrate his love and support. Knowing Alley’s passion for philanthropy and her respect and admiration for her care team at UHN, he organized a fundraiser and set up a personal fundraising page on UHN Foundation’s website to give back to the hospitals and to thank the organ donor who saved her life.

Craig hosted the Donor Appreciation Ride for Alley Adams, a virtual Peloton bike ride. In addition to raising money from friends, family and colleagues, Craig matched donations up to $15,000 based on participation.

Craig shared the link to the fundraising page with his networks and posted on social media to get the word out about his efforts to support UHN and the Ajmera Transplant Centre on Alley’s behalf. He raised awareness throughout the event by sharing daily progress updates from participants, which turned the event into a friendly competition and even pushed many to achieve their personal bests the week of the ride, all inspired by Alley’s cause.

Thanks to Craig’s determination, the event was a tremendous success. While Alley recovered, Craig raised more than $26,000 – almost triple his original goal!

UHN Foundation’s personal fundraising pages are an easy way to make an impact on the future of health care at UHN. The platform supports individual or group fundraisers, and each page can be customized with an image and story. Donors will receive a tax receipt by email for their gifts.

Today, Alley is grateful for her transplant and the donor who made it possible. She is recovering and looking forward to the rest of her life. She now volunteers with UHN Foundation and is an advocate for both UHN and organ donation. Thanks to Craig and his fundraising efforts, UHN’s world-renowned clinicians and researchers will continue to save lives.

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