Awards and scholarships recognize ‘dedication, ingenuity and creativity’

UHN nurses are celebrated at the 2024 Annual Nursing & Health Professions Staff Scholarships & Awards
​​​​​​​At the event at the Windsor Arms Hotel, award and scholarship recipients received their prizes from donors. Here, (L to R), Pam Hubley, Vice President and UHN’s Chief Nursing Executive, honouree, Alicia Jones, a manager in Interventional Radiology at Toronto Western and Toronto General, Vonna Bitove an​d Dr. Brian Hodges, Executive Vice President and UHN’s Chief Medical Officer. (Photo: Andrew Downs Photography)

​Forty-eight recipients from TeamUHN have been honoured at the 2024 Annual Nursing & Health Professions Staff Scholarships & Awards, presented by UHN Foundation.

The event, held at the Windsor Arms Hotel on Monday, May 6, saw the presentation of 35 awards and scholarships worth approximately $100,000, which was made possible by the incredible support of many donors to UHN.

“It is vital to recognize and reward our nurses and health professionals who lead with dedication, ingenuity and creativity,” Gaby Golea, Director of Professional Practice at UHN, told the audience. “These awards are instrumental in reinforcing the valuable role they play in patient care innovation.

“It is also important for us to be able to offer opportunities that encourage our UHN staff to challenge themselves and support their professional and educational goals.”

Each award recipient, along with their donor, was formally recognized at the event.

And the awards go to:

  • Michelle Buda, Alumnae Association of the School of Nursing TGH Scholarship for Excellence at TGH;
  • Katie McEwan, Michael R. Applin Nursing Award for Excellence in Transplant, Innovation and Compassionate Care Leadership;
  • Daidre-Ann Reece, Anne-Marie H. Applin Nursing Award;
  • Mehr Gilani, Associated Medical Services Recognition Award for Exemplary End-of-Life Care;
  • Emma Bingham, Elizabeth S. Barford Education Award for Neuroscience Nursing;
  • Allison Somers, Thomas J. Bell Scholarship for Nurses Demonstrating Excellence in Palliative or End-of-Life Care;
  • Jennifer Hou, Orma L. Benson Memorial Scholarship;
  • Tenzin Yeshi, Bennett Nursing Scholarship Award;
  • Tenzin Bhuti, T.R. Bennett Emerging Nursing Leaders Award;
  • Sukhdip Grewal, Bolton Nursing Scholarship;
  • Emma Bingham, Janine Boston Award for Nursing Excellence;
  • Melinda Schell, Kathleen Butcher Scholarship;
  • Tenzin Tseyang, Yau-Fong Cheung Memorial Scholarship;
  • Carmen Fang, Frances Falconer Nursing Scholarship;
  • Molly McDonald, Mary Ferguson-Paré Prize for Innovation in Nursing;
  • Emma Bingham, Mary Ferguson-Paré Research Award for Nursing;
  • Janice Lin, Cindy Gangbar-Waisglass Award;
  • Sarvatit Bhatt, Marvin Gerstein Award;
  • Ilham Elias, Frank Gerstein Charitable Foundation Fellowship at the York/UHN Nursing Academy;
  • Julie Yip, Evelyn Hall Education Award;
  • Mattie-Rose Toteda & Jennifer Reguindin, Lichtblau Nursing Scholarship;
  • Kaitlyn Zwing, Tecla Lin Nursing Award;
  • Anna Barantseva, Stephanie Fung, Michelle Nguyen & Ali Abdel Halim, John Locke Churchill Scholarship;
  • Allison Sommers, John Maddigan Nursing Award;
  • Ian Alagadan, MSA Award for Excellence;
  • Alexa Knautz, Dr. Marie Louise Murphy Medical Education Award;
  • Justin Andrew, Colleen Dunphy, Jacqui Herbert, Alicia Jones, Kylie Martin, Cassandra McBride & Anna Wong, Elmira Hassanbeik & Leslie Williams-Brennan, Nursing & Professional Services Staff Scholarship;
  • Ashwini Veerasuntharam, Ginat Shleifer Scholarship For New Graduates;
  • Steven Smirnis, Berjae Officer, Jill Smirnis Award for Outstanding Patient Care in Emergency Service;
  • Judith Cerovski, Jill Smirnis Award for Excellence in Cardiology Nursing;
  • Danica Ly, Jeus Benedict Pader Cabaluna, Ilse Tacoma Nursing Award Scholarship;
  • Michelle Nguyen, Lori Taylor Nursing Excellence Scholarship;
  • Inas Mumin, B.D. Lori Taylor Quality Improvement Fellowship Award;
  • Toronto Rehab, Bickle Centre, South 3, Complex Continuing Care, Cathy Valenti Nursing Award;
  • Jho-An Inesa, Betty Watt Prize for Courageous Leadership in Nursing.​

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