A $20 million investment in knowledge

John and Myrna Daniels Foundation is making a major investment into what knowledge can do for health care with an incredible $20-million gift to University Health Network (UHN).

The gift will support three world-leading programs at UHN:

Each of these programs has a rich history of excellence and world ­firsts that have changed the landscape of health care here and around the globe. This gift – which includes facility upgrades and research – will make sure that UHN can continue to make an impact on patients’ lives.

Building communities and improving the quality of life of others is a core focus for John and Myrna Daniels Foundation.

“John and Myrna Daniels have been long-time supporters of UHN and over the years they have learned how UHN is a driver of medical innovation,” says Tennys Hanson, President and CEO of Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation.

“We are honoured that John and Myrna Daniels Foundation is helping us pursue the knowledge that makes all our lives better.”

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