Hi my name is Richard.D,’Argenio. I was a patient from March 13 2020 till June 2020 being in a coma for 12 weeks no noting what’s going on or where you are once I realized I have to reach out to all the staff at the 14th floor how lucky I was to receive the care that I have I honestly can say I have been so lucky with my rehab staff nursing care. I can really say I feel the staff had treated me as I was their own relative.the anger I had and finding out my spouse had to put my dog down because I never came home from er.the care and compassion I received was femoral.im in a different world coming to to this comic I believe the staff should be recognized.for all their hard work and compassion no body knows until they experience.this care like I have I am so very thankful to receive the care like I have. Thank you so much.Richard.D’argenio

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