Dear UHN’s healthcare heroes,

While COVID-19 has emerged perhaps as the most horrible disaster mankind has ever known with millions of humans around the Globe falling victim to this dreaded disaster and losing their lives, it is a consoling to know that speedy research is going on to make available the vaccine to curb the menace.
Until such a prophylactic measure is to hand, men and women will continue to be exposed to the disease and rush to the hospital Emergency Unit with the hope of survival.
Dear Team UHN, let me tell you that having served as a Hospital Representative with DuPont Pharmaceuticals with responsibility for all major Teaching Hospitals in the Toronto area, part of my professional life was spent in the hospital settings. And I am fully aware of the meticulous care and concern that you extend to the suffering of humanity and making their return to homes possible.

Bravo, my dear UHN’s healthcare heroes, and may God Bless you!

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